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by christian caliandro

Art has become the glamour ‘lab’ of the super-popular show world. And image references of todays artists – far from being the new TV stars like Scamarcio or Muccino- have to be searched for in post-prandial television... Continue>>
by nicola davide angerame

From Adorno, to Marx,to Lyotard, to Hegel, to Baudrillard, to Nancy, to McLuhan, to Barthes. What sort of relationship does Art at the time of homo turboeconomicus have with his fetish being (and not being)? Let’s try to understand with this essay… Continue>>
On 6th March Jean Baudrillard passed away in Paris. He was one of the most influential and talked about philosophers of our time. Often quoted and gossiped about by artists, literati and also film directors – if we think about the Matrix trilogy- but actually not always understood. This is a thought on the inheritance that he leaves us... Continue>>
Leafing through Documenta
A blitz in Vienna by the Austro-German art director of the artistic director for the next Documenta exhibition in Kassel, on occasion of the presentation of the first number of documenta magazine. What is it? It’s much more than a simple introduction to the most longed-for artistic event... Continue>>
Share 2007: Digital Affinities

A festival that is growing, creating synergies with economy and local institutions as well as with international festivals. This year it discussed virtual communities, with a wide circle of conferences, spanning from Wikipedia to World of Warcraft... Continue>>
Mixing Identities

How can we document the immediacy of a live audio-video experience? This is not a new problem for the performing arts sector. A group of Italian vjing experiences in a very complete DVD. We have talked about it with Silvia Bianchi from Vjcentral, who has promoted the project... Continue>>
by enzo lauria

If a large part of contemporary art places reality in the empty and anonymous spaces of a museum, then some video-games can do the same thing in virtual and interactive spaces. From the direct meeting/clash between museum and videogames it is possible that some interesting perspectives will emerge. Continue>>
Hotel - Han Hoogerbrugge

The last work by Hoogerbrugge, renowned genius of flash animation, leads us to a private clinic where a disturbing Doctor makes weird experiments on unacquainted volunteers. And where you need just a click to show the other face of everyday life... Continue>>
Net art en valise
Altarboy by Carlo Zanni

Firstly, Altarboy is a sculpture. An aluminum case, with steel edgings, upon an iron pedestal. A 15'' screen peeps out through the top shell sheet, in white enameled aluminum; the bottom shell sheet hosts a little glass box, designed by the artist... Continue>>
Until 25.V.2003
Homage to Audrey Hepburn
Roma, Palazzo Wedekind

The most fascinating smile of the cinema history. The magnetic look. The mildest glamour. Audrey Hepburn is back in Rome. In an exhibition that gathers posters, sketches for playbills, scenes pictures. This exhibition also tells about the human side of the diva... Continue>>
Pritzker Prize 2003 to Jørn Utzon
An international jury has given one of the most important prizes for architecture to Jørn Utzon. He is the Danish architect who created the Sydney Opera House. It is considered among the most representative icons in the panorama of modern architecture. The prize-giving takes place on 20 May in Madrid... Continue>>
Until 15.VI.2003
St. Petersburg and Italy (1750-1850). The Italian genius in Russia
Rome, Complesso del Vittoriano

The city of the "White Nights" and Italian talent. Projects of palazzi, magnificent settings, art collections. A portrait of St Petersburg, founded 300 years ago. Only 10 degrees from the Arctic Circle... Continue>>
Five months of Biennial
The Biennial is jam-packed during the three opening days and then the exhibition calms down. It will not happen for the 50th edition. The curtain rises on the next Venetian festival. All the exhibitions, the projects, the names, the events , the appointments of the biggest art exhibition of the world. And a forum to talk about it in Exibart... Continue>>
Sisi vs Bonami. Is there a peculiarity of art?
If you feel impotent survivors in the hands of an art system which regulates everything and can do everything, be ready to change idea. We spectators are the "dictators of tomorrow". Francesco Bonami, the new director of the Venice Biennial, is sure of this, with the maieutics of Carlo Sisi... Continue>>
Corto Maltese at the Fnac

Nina de Gibraltar, the gypsy, took the child’s hand. He watched her without success. Corto Maltese laughed: “Don’t worry, Nina, I will be successful”. He cut across his palm with a razor, where the lines of fortune should have been …

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