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Tracce di assenza. All'Hotel Hilton Molino Stucky di Venezia le opere di Mimmo Catania
Ad Alberto Angela la laurea honoris causa dell’Università Suor Orsola di Napoli
Flaminia Bonciani e i colori degli anni ’80, al RUFA Space
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Until 29th September 2002
Enzo Cucchi
Genazzano (Rome), Colonna Castle

In the eighties, Cucchi exhibited at the Guggenheim, at the Pompidou Center, and at the Kunsthalle in Basel, but his greatest retrospective is staged for the whole of summer in an antique manor of the Roman province. In Genazzano, there is evidence of one of the world’s major painters… Continue>>
Until July 19th 2002
The Columns of San Lorenzo – Recent investigation on the Milanese complex
Milan, Crypt of Santa Maria della Vittoria

The area of corso di Porta Ticinese is without doubt the cradle of Milanese identity, with the most antique church, Sant'Eustorgio, and with San Lorenzo, which is one of the largest conquered monument of the Roman empire in an historical succession that never saw a pause, then finally, to the baroque church of Santa Maria della Vittoria… Continue>>
Tuscia, an experimental centre for the monitoring the degrading of works of contemporary modern art
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Inedito, a prize for young artists in Rome
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Until September 8th, 2002
Bologna, Gallery of Modern Art

One hundred and four artists for Desire, a collective exhibit which investigates the theme of desire in the art of the 1900s. Under the direction of Peter Weiermair, the exhibit was inaugurated at the GAM of Bologna and will continue until September. Photographs, drawings, paintings and videos by excellent people to generate a great deal of perplexity... Continue>>
Until 30.VI.2002
Mario Martinelli – The lost surface
Treviso, Casa dei Carraresi

Martinelli’s modern landscape graffiti become abstract repositories of timeless inner portraits, thanks to the artist’s quest to bring the formations back to their primitive sincerity... Continue>>
Until July 19th, 2002
Paladino at the Portico d'Ottavia
Rome, Valentina Bonomo

One of the major exponents of the 'Transavanguardia' - and an acclaimed master of contemporary art - Paladino continues his evolution by going from painting to sculpture with a hint of Byzantine atmosphere... Continue>>
Premio New York, the winners
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"Accademia Di Francia" , Bruno Racine leaves and goes to Centre Pompidou
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Basilea, say 33...
Art 33 Basel, the most important contemporary art show in the world, closes its doors and will open with Art Basel Miami Beach on December 5, after the false start of last year caused by the Manhattan drama. But let's see how the European rating went this year... Continue>>
Until July 31st 2002
Good News
Milan, Cardi Gallery

Good news from the art world, it seems: not only for the novelty, but for the renewed actuality and eminence of the artists presented by Cardi gallery in this rich exhibition: Warhol, Clemente, Muniz, Schnabel and others… Continue>>
Until 08.12.2002
The Battle of Qadesh
Florence, National Archaeological Museum

Egyptians and Hittites, two worlds which met each other on the battlefield of Qadesh conducting the first battle which is documented in history... Continue>>
Until July 15th 2002
Luca Maria Patella
Rome, De Crescenzo & Viesti

Fragments of Italian landscapes open up behind a close-up of still-life, like a huge staircase, in the manner of renaissance artists. It is, in fact, from there that Patella moves, returning to first experiments of archaeological photography… Continue>>
Video evening at Forum Austriaco di Cultura in Rome<
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Jan Van Eyck
The Arnolfini Couple

Van Eyck in this work besides being the author of the painting is also he who celebrates the marriage - in effect, a substitute for the priest. The two people portrayed are the rich merchant from Lucca, Giovanni Arnolfini (who moved to Fiandre) and his wife... Continue>>

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