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issue 179 June 2002
Art and dossier

On the cover, a pair of wings for the angels painted by Benozzo Gozzoli in the chapel in the Medici Riccardi Palace, in Florence. The enigma of this unique representation is in an iconological reading and, within, architecture according to Zaha Hadid and a rediscovery of Futurism... Continue>>
Until 30th July 2002
Hermann Nitsch
Naples, Fondazione Morra

Moods, blood, mysticism and entrails on display at the Fondazione Morra. The wreckages of Herman Nitsch's 108th lehraktion, shown at the Modern Art Galley in Rome July last year, can be used to understand the essence of his philosophy on Theatre and as a prelude to the 111th Pentecost party movement. Continue>>
The young art - Cuoghi and Corsello

The creative experience of the duet, Cuoghi e Corsello, is in continuous evolution and so it is considered one of the most interesting realities of Bologna's artistic scene including graffiti on walls, estranged video and photo montages and the most disparate installations. Exibart met the artist couple on the occasion of their recent exhibition in Bologna. Continue>>
Steve Roden – A year of skies
Turin, E-static

The e/static Gallery has been carrying out some of the most audacious and original work in the Italian exhibition circuit of contemporary art since 1999. Continue>>
Until August 19, 2002
Giulio Paolini - Quadrante
Roma, Villa Medici - Atelier del Bosco

“The artist is someone who wanders around in the dark without giving up describing it.” (G. Paolini)
"Quadrante," or quadrant, previously shown in its different parts, each one displayed in a Rome gallery or museum, is now offered by the Atelier del Bosco of Villa Medici in one viewing... Continue>>
Until June 23rd 2002
Francesco Patriarca – Suspended City
Rome, Il Cortile Gallery

Airports are our ports of entrance, and often, they are the first and last places we meet. More than a brief door, though, airports like Francesco Patriarca shows, become “cities in and of themselves” — transitional cities… Continue>>
Fino al 28.VI.2002
Fuori schema: concept, irony and objectivism in contemporary Italian Art.
Turin, Fusion Gallery

An interview with Edoardo di Mauro, director of the exhibition follows: the event involves a series of works by original artists in an unusual environment, for it's nature and it's choice detached from the normal spots dedicated to contemporary art... Continue>>
With Alice in Exhibitland
Rip, roll, incite, scratch, draw...These (and many more!) are the activities scheduled for children in June at the Didactic Section of Rome's Palazzo delle Esposizioni... Continue>>
Rome, a night of performances on top of the Pincio
. Continue>>
Until June 23rd 2002
InterAzioni “Interaction” XV
Calgary, PoliArtStudio

InterAzioni XV, this is the title of the exhibition laboratory organized by Arka theatre. Installations and video-art, poetry, music, dance and theatre, all based on performance, a moment of research that believes in the infinite possibilities of mixing languages… Continue>>
Documenta 11. Art or realty?
On June 6th, the fifth and most awaited platform of the 11th edition of Documenta - the event which, every five years, shows the situation of contemporary art - opened. Continue>>
Until June 20th, 2002
The Italian landscape
Rome, Termini Station - Entrance

An exhibit dedicated to the Italian landscape has been set up in the entrance of the Termini Station - a very appropriate setting because it is a crossroads where you can meet people about to leave for new lands with the ancient images of Italy still before their eyes... Continue>>
Until 20.VII.2002
James Hyde
Turin, The Box and Associates

This is James Hyde's first personal exhibition in Turin. Between 'solid paintings' and drawings, his work is configured as a reinterpretation of 20th Century abstract painting strongly inspired by Duchamp, above all in its subtle ironic components... Continue>>
Until September 5th, 2002
10 - ten artists from Bologna
Naples, T293 contemporary art

Ten young artists who have only recently been present of the Bologna art scene will have an exhibit at T293, Naples and Bologna are closer than ever in a project that we hope is only the beginning of more operations on the same high level... Continue>>
Until July 12th, 2002
Ubaldo Oppi - The classic season
Milan, various locations

The poetic art of one of the fathers of the nineteen hundreds is to be presented in Milan for a view of a fascinating personality who is fundamental in understanding the developments in Italian painting in the 1900s... Continue>>

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