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Until 31.10.2002
Stanis Dessy
Sassari, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Masedu

The Masedu Museum opens the doors of its brand new premises with a great exhibition: Stanis Dessy. The city of Chandeliers pays homage to the maestro of twentieth century Sardinian art with a retrospective curated by Giuliana Altea and Marco Magnani... Continue>>
Until 24.VI.2002
Mattew Barney - festival cremaster
Florence, Teatro e Cinema Goldoni

The national preview of Cremaster 3, Matthew Barney's latest film. Until June 24 the entire cycle will be shown... Continue>>
Milan, Valerio Berruti by Valerio Berruti
. Continue>>
Until June 23, 2002
Lifesize: Nan Goldin, Boris Mikhailov, Esko Manniko, Richard Billingham, Larry Clark
Rome, MACRO and GNAM

Without pity, distant or also close up, veiled in affection or also filled with desecrating disenchantment. " Five different artists' look at stories and people. Five different tales of life. All of them lifesize... Continue>>
Rome: D'Offay’s assistant opens shop, and much more...
. Continue>>
Showing at Vienna: 'no body art' by Vincenza Casaluce-Geiger
. Continue>>
Glimpses: The World After September 11
In November 2001, in the very midst of the fight against terrorism and at the height of the mass-media overload regarding it, the web project entitled "Glimpses" is presented you artists as an invitation to comment on the events and consequences of the attack to the Twin Towers on September 11th… Continue>>
Until June 30, 2002
Veronique Bellavista - Travelling mind
Catania, Artecontemporanea

“Torn away from the speed of the dirty train window, the landscapes seem unattainable, and therefore desirable. Evasion and dreams, the only panacea of the ‘mal de vivre’ the most sublime and vital transgression ever…” Continue>>
Until August 31, 2002
Giorgio Barrera - Through the windows
Florence, Print Service

The new management of Print Service, Gabriele Galimberti and Gianluca Maver, present Giorgio Barrera’s recent work: quite simply, an able and sensitive photographer’s eye, ... Continue>>
Up until 14.VII.2002
Corrado Levi - To see a rainbow from the corner of your eye
Turin, Galleria San Filippo

In San Filippo, various works on paper guide us upstairs to the gallery, suggesting the energetic darting thoughts of Corrado Levi and introducing us into the exhibition space itself ... Continue>>
Until July 27th, 2002
Gravity Over Time
Milan, Galleria 1000eventi

Suspicions, plots and obsession: the exhibit under the direction of artist, John Pilson investigates and makes faces at the phenomenon of American paranoia with the work of seven New York artists... Continue>>
At the Papal Stables in Rome, Plessi's 'Roma'
The great Italian master of video art was recently in the capital to decide on the last touches of his retrospective which will open at the Papal Stables at the Presidential Palace ('Quirinale') on July 16th. Exibart met with and interviewed the Venetian artist... Continue>>
Until June 20th, 2002
South American contemporary photography from New York to Santiago, Chile
Rome, IILA

It narrates dramas and veiled situations and registers slow transformations and sudden leaps, ancestral fears and contemporary anxieties... Continue>>
Until 8.IX.2002
Rome, Fontana di Trevi

This exhibit traces the passage from Villa to Palace of the historical building and also illustrates the transformation and evolution of the Monte Cavallo area - today, the 'Quirinale' - that had already been seen as an area for urban expansion and civilian and religious settlement in the late 1500s... Continue>>
Until July 15th, 2002
Arcangelo - Feticci
Bologna, Otto Gallery

The personal exhibit of Arcangelo documents a series of works where the artist journeys to the past to find the origin of man's worlds, the source from which everything began... Continue>>

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