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In Germania, presso la Stadtgalerie Kiel, inaugurata la seconda tappa della mostra del Premio Fondazione Vaf
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Until July 20th, 2002
Marianne Heier
Turin, Luigi Franco Contemporary Art

Sentiments, emotions and personal relations are the focus of the artistic research done by Marianne Heier, who presents for Luigi Franco, an exhibit 'path' that begins in the intimacy of the human soul and expands outwards in relationships with others... Continue>>
Until June 16, 2002
Fosco Maraini – The Adventurer (Il Miramondo)
Palermo, Palazzo Butera

The story through images of an adventurous life spent travelling all over the world to wonder about the moody appearance of mankind (human affairs). At Butera Building (Palazzo Butera), The "The Adventurer” (Giramondo) exhibition offers 140 shots of the ninety years old photographer and anthropologist Fosco Maraini... Continue>>
young art - Carlo Benvenuto

One of the most interesting artists in Italian contemporary art, Carlo Benvenuto, recently presented - at the Mazzoli Gallery of Modena - a new personal exhibit: a series of never before exhibited works for an intricate mosaic of fascinating research into photography and philosophy... Continue>>
Until 20th June 2002
Time at a standstill
Cagliari, Man Ray Cultural Centre

Someone once said "Stop the world, I want to get off!" Someone else today has declared the same through longitudinal surfaces (beware stepping out of line) suspended on the walls of the Man Ray Cultural Centre. The theme is a common one for the 19 works and as many artists exhibited until June 2002... Continue>>
Until June 30 2002
Loredana Galante
Genoa, Mentelocale

Loredana Galante, the young artist from Genoa who won the national Renato Carnevale prize for Sculpture in 1998, is presenting a fun exhibition of her paintings and drawings at the Mentelocale in Genoa... Continue>>
Art Documentaries, every Thursday in Trastevere
. Continue>>
Le architetture di Sicilia in un simposio internazionale. A Siracusa
(Architecture of Sicily in a international symposium in Siracusa)

. Continue>>
Pisa, ‘Pure Forms Museum' presented, a virtual gallery as large as Europe
. Continue>>
[ALTRE]IMMAGINI (other) images)), a photograph festival in Brescia too
Until June 21st, 2002
Roberto Barni - Shrewish movement
Florence, Poggiali and Forconi Gallery

"The first important thing for an artist is to provide an affirmation of himself and his times, not only telling about it, but also judging it..." In this way, Roberto Barni presented his personal exhibit in progress in Florence during a press conference... Continue>>
Free J: free software for v-jing at Sonar 2002
Included in the programming for the Spanish Sonar Festival will be a performance by Jaromil, a software artist from Abruzzo who lives in Vienna. "FreeJ" is a free software for vjing... Continue>>
Until July 15, 2002
Nina Childress
Genova, Galleria Artra

The latest research in the pictorial field of Nina Childress, an eclectic artist born in Pasadena and raised in Paris, is being shown in the artist's first solo exhibition in Italy... Continue>>
Until the 31st July 2002
James Rielly
Trento, Studio d’Arte Raffelli

In his figurative paintings, James Rielly includes a disturbing element, he plays with details and uses them to alter and perturb perception. Hence, he reads over reality and reflects on the threshold between normality and abnormality. Continue>>
"The homes of architects. A personal dictionary from the Renaissance through today."
Editing house: Marsilio, 2001

The house, the dwelling are the primordial refuge and expression of an era, the physical space and interior place where man has always tried to express himself. The home of an architect then has an added value compared to the common man's residence... Continue>>
Through June 16, 2002
Gaetano and Ubaldo Gandolfi: Selected Works
San Lorenzo Auditorium, Cento

It is the province you don't expect. Cento, well-known for its carnival, but also noted for being the birthplace of artists like Guercino and Aroldo Bonzagni, remains faithful to tradition with an exhibit of great interest, the first in Italy devoted to the work of Ubaldo (1728-1781) and Gaetano Gandolfi (1734-1802), two outstanding figures of the Bologna school of painting of the second half of the eighteenth century. Continue>>

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