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A Roma riapre al pubblico il Ninfeo degli Specchi al Palatino
Ecco il nuovo motore di ricerca per chi non ricorda i titoli dei film
Un manifesto per l’arte attiva. Al MAXXI, la prima bozza di Art Thinking
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Italians abroad. Luca Francesconi in Berlin
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Art & University: a work by Sigismondo Matteo Montani for Rome TRE
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Anas, large investments in public art on highway 106
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The rules for the International Paris/Berlin meetings are available
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Simone Martini

In the fresco the Madonna is represented on the throne holding Christ, surrounded by a crowd of angels and saints sustaining a magnificent canopy, more than a sacred scene, such as the Majesty of all saints from Giotto, seems the image of a queen with her court... Continue>>
Control tower at the Imperial Forums
For ViaSatellite, a show that is part of the Roman festival FotoGrafia and created by Milanese critic Alessandra Galletta, the shops of Trajan's Markets are transformed into a sort of large videowall, featuring the works of 20 young Italian artists. Continue>>
number 30-21 April/September 2002
Arte e Critica

Front cover: Arte e Critica welcomes the new administration board of the Palazzo delle Papesse, dedicating the front cover to Barbara Kruger, the artist whose personal exhibition in Siena was greatly admired... Continue>>
Until June 23,2002
LR 19/98. La riqualificazione delle aree urbane in Emilia Romagna - Gabriele Basilico
Modena, Galleria Civica

This exhibition is the result of a selection of about 100 of the 700 photographs taken in 2001 by Basilico during a photography campaign commissione by the Emilia Romagna Region... Continue>>
Until June 15th, 2002
Bolley - an artist for 1000 children
Turin, Bricherasio Palace

How many times, after finishing a book or seeing a magnificent construction or a mysterious work of art, have you wanted to ask the author questions! 1000 Turin children were able to satisfy this curiosity... Continue>>
Until June 23rd, 2002
Passages 2002 - Brancolini/Mazzoli
Modena, Galleria Civica

Passages presents an itinerary of the work and research conducted by artists of the new generation working in the Modena area... Continue>>
Until the 25th May 2002
Loves accessories
Verona, Arte e Ricambi

And if the key word to everything were love? Yes, the one word that “makes the veins in your wrist quiver”, because using it risks making every topic mawkish and fatuous. I think that this is due, although most people believe the contrary, to its complexity rather than to its simplicity… Continue>>
Until the 19th July 2002
Milan, Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea

A mix of pictorial suggestions, images and ideas transform the space of an art gallery into a creative laboratory that involves the viewer in a global experience. To talk Dormice®, think Dormice®, live Dormice®… Continue>>
Until June 23, 2002
Thibaut Cuisset – Campagne japonaise
Rome, French Gallery

We must make an effort to put aside our western cultural prejudices, because Thibaut Cuisset offers us what is apparently the most anonymous portrayal of that Japan possible. Not the hyper-technological and super-traditional one we usually get from the media... Continue>>
Until June 22nd, 2002
Graciela Iturbide
Rome, Andersen Museum

She says she’s lucky because she was born in Mexico and therefore, her sensitivity to the dimension of magic has always come to her naturally. Graciela Iturbide doesn’t need to hear the legends told because she has them inside of her and the poetry, in the places and people she photographs, is simply there… Continue>>
A.A.A. Italy's monuments for sale
June 11 may be remembered as an unhappy day for Italy's historico-cultural (and environmental) heritage. Today in fact, government decree no.63 which contains articles 7 and 8 which expressly foresee the selling off of the state's cultural and other property, is being voted to become law. Continue>>

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