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Until June 14 2002
Naples, City of Science

The great potential of what is to us contemporary art, is the one of being able to come to it and finding the same wave length used by the artist. This is what some students from Naples have had the chance to do… Continue>>
Until 23rd June 2002
Cuoghi and Corsello - One!
Bologna, Studio Ercolani

Objects, luminous pulsation, video and systems: the ‘animated’ world of Cuoghi and Corsello, a couple since 1986 and still one of the most incisive and engrained experiences in the Bologna scene today… Continue>>
Inedito, parallel confluences in Lecce
On an estate surrounded by the Lecce countryside a few minutes from the sea, Inedito, or unpublished, nine days of work in progress and a true cultural laboratory of young artists from the Accademia di Belle Arte in Lecce (Fine Arts Academy) in collaboration with the Brera Academy, opened May 31… Continue>>
Until June 30th, 2002
Gian Marco Montesano - Il Teatro dell’Arte
Bologna, San Giorgio in Poggiale

The area of San Giorgio in Poggiale, managed by the Art Collections and History Center of the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation of Bologna, is hosting Gian Marco Montesano’s personal under the direction of Vittoria Coen… Continue>>
Mestre: a conference on contemporary creatività
. Continue>>
Platform 5: Documenta XI starts
In its eleventh edition, the every-five-year European exhibition is taking place in Kassel, after having traveled through post-colonial territories. On Saturday, at the Federicianum, the largest contemporary art exhibition in the world was opened... Continue>>
Until October 27, 2002
Masterpieces of Renaissance tiles – Montelupo Florence 'factory' 1400/1630
Florence, Palazzo Medici Riccardi

Eighty precious pieces tell the story of the Montelupo Ceramics, from the craft-shops in the early XV century to the Grand Duke’s commissions… Continue>>
Until June 26th, 2002
The Art of Science or the Science of Art
Florence, La Corte Contemporary Art

The Euroforum initiative to present an event which emphasizes the freedom of the Arts and Sciences has resulted in an excellent exhibit which is inspired by the inter-relationship between the two categories... Continue>>
Until June 30th, 2002
Victor Brauner - Le dialogue interieur
Milan, Galleria Tonelli

On exhibit are 16 never before seen drawings that, with the use of precious signs in code, review the ancient flow of primordial sentiment... Continue>>
Until 23.VI.2002
100 Years of arms, an exhibition in Palermo
Palermo, Palazzo Belmonte Riso

“One century of magnanimous virtue”. The phrase comes from a sketch with which a private editor in 1914 made a commemorative postcard of the first century of the foundation of arms. Today the same phrase is the title of an exhibition that celebrates the 188 anniversary of the foundation... Continue>>
Until 15.6.2002
Marco Neri – I Space
Torino, Galleria Alberto Peola

The landscapes of Marco Neri have a very particular structure that moves between the figuration of a real existing panorama and an imaginary one of the artist. The esthetic research mixes moreover with a renewed attention to the ethical dimension... Continue>>
ComoArte gallery opens in Como
. Continue>>
Bolzano, Three performances on the margin of the show To Actuality
. Continue>>
The night in Jesolo light up with art
. Continue>>
Six hundred candles for Masaccio - a conference
The conference, organised by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure (OPD) and the Communes of Florence and San Giovanni Valdarno present the results from the most recent research into the work of Masaccio and Masolino... Continue>>

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