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David LaChapelle firma il calendario Lavazza 2020
Tutti i segreti per un ritratto postmoderno. Mostra e talk alla RUFA
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Rome, GCAMC becomes...Macro
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Turner Prize 2002, the name of the final competitors
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Until June 30th, 2002
Nan Goldin - Devil's playground
Madrid, Reina Sofia Art Center

The Reina Sofia Art Center, in the Velasquez Palace, is holding a beautiful retrospective dedicated to Nan Goldin, the winner of the Photoespaña Award in 2002. This is a biography in images of one of the most transgressive and creative artists in recent decades... Continue>>
Until July 15th, 2002
Shobha - The angels of Medina
Palermo, Micromuseum

A young, black woman walks along the dusty road to Dakar with a regal attitude. Metal shines from her dress with a warriors breastplate made of CDs and a white tulle skirt.
She breaks all the rules and brings uneasiness to her surroundings with her striking and disturbing femininity... Continue>>
Until June 10th, 2002
Us - An International Art Review
Naples, The French Institute

A humanity that intends to safeguard and develop its own patrimony of ethnic groups, culture and inheritance, in the richness of diversity: this is the Naples exhibit... Continue>>
Until July 1, 2002
Parigi + Klein (Paris + Klein) Rome, Palazzo delle

In an exceptional event contemporaneous with Paris, Rome will hold an exhibition of work by photographer and film lover William Klein that portrays more than fifty years of impassioned and caustic observations of his adopted city that eradicate stereotypical vision. Continue>>
Artists under age 30, Ghigghini Prize opportunities
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A book to understand Italian video art
In occasion of the publication of her book on artistic videos in Italy, let’s examine with Maria Rosa Sossai a few central points, such as the theme of the spectator and the creative organization of the exhibit spaces in video art shows… Continue>>
Until July 7, 2002
Cristiano Pintaldi 1991-2002 Pesaro, La Pescheria Center for Visual Arts

Pintaldi paints red, green and blue pixels on black canvas, mixing the tones in such a way that he creates images recognizable only from a certain distance... Continue>>
until al 21.VI.2002
Enrico Barberi - Burning man
Prato, Archivio Fotografico Toscano

Splendid photographs taken during the "burning man" party document the wild doings of those who escape for a few days from the routine of daily life in a place different both geographically and socially... Continue>>
Until July 31, 2002
Renoir and the Light of Impressionism
Palermo, Palazzo dei Normanni

In 1882, Pierre-August Renoir was in Palermo while on return from a trip to Algeria and headed for Italy's major cities. It was an itinerary of discovery of Mediterranean light among tones that the great Impressionist painter was to memorize and repeat on his canvases... Continue>>
Fino al 13.VII.2002
Il Grande Freddo - "The Big Chill"
Turin, Galleria In Arco

Taking the title of Lawrence Kasdan's famous film as its starting point, this exhibition, presented by Luca Beatrice, is a search for the boundaries between two eras: that of the great utopias in the sixties and seventies and the era we live in now... Continue>>
Until 6.7.2002
Maja Bajevic
Milan, various venues

Two personal exhibitions by the Bosnian artist Maja Bajevic were opened in mid-May in Viafarini and the Galleria Artopia... Continue>>
Until 28.7.2002
I volti del potere "The faces of power". Court portrait painting in grand-ducal Florence.
Sala delle Reali Poste, Uffizi Gallery.

The Medici family's passion for portrait painting is presented at the exhibition with a key that will fascinate historians and fans of traditional costume: the paintings are a pretext for a range of hairstyles, coats of arms and jewellery... Continue>>
Lorenzo Pezzatini - on/off/on Filo Smac 2002
Florence, Villa Vogel

Pathos and emotions for the performance by artist Lorenzo Pezzatini.. and the event has attracted a crowd of enthusiasts who have judged it well... Continue>>

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