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Flaminia Bonciani e i colori degli anni ’80, al RUFA Space
In Germania, presso la Stadtgalerie Kiel, inaugurata la seconda tappa della mostra del Premio Fondazione Vaf
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until June 30th 2002
Face to Face: Self portrait of Artists
Nuoro, Man

Face to face meeting of 31 artists that interpret or deny themselves through the ambiguity of self portrait as a reflection of our times... Continue>>
Until June 30th, 2002
Red and Gold - Baroque Portuguese Art Treasures
Rome, Musei Capitolini

Red were the flames that devoured the mythical city and red were the drops of blood on the veil that was to become sacred. Red was the flower and red was the fruit. And gold could be used to create jewels for the powerful or the fashion the halo of a saint. Flashes and shadows of Portuguese baroque... Continue>>
Until 22.10.2002
Il grande viaggio in Sicilia "The Great Voyage in Sicily"
Palermo, Fondazione Banco di Sicilia

Sicily, as seen from Africa in woodcarvings from 1550 by Sebastian Munster, is a place that must be narrated through few, but intense black and white images. The precious work the oldest of those in the exhibition "Il grande viaggio in Sicilia" on show in Villa Zito... Continue>>
Until the 9th June 2002
Sparanoide: Simone Lucietti - Enrico Minato
Crespano del Grappa (Treviso), Andrea Pronto

If we stick to the semiotic models of language, art proceeds following codes consisting of symbols. These symbols break down and show themselves randomly, yet converge in the awareness of the unlimited possibilities of generating new symbols… Continue>>
Until 20/9/2002
Giuseppe Maraniello – Rebis
Venice, Flora Bigai Gallery

All this summer, the work of one of the greats of Italian sculpture, Giuseppe Maraniello will be on display in the heart of Venice in the inaugural exhibition of the new three-storey Flora Bigai Gallery’s… Continue>>
Until June 9th, 2002
Marnie Weber
Milan, Marella Contemporary Art

Marnie Weber presents, in her Project Space at the Marella gallery, photographic 'collages' through which we can see mythological animals, mysterious creatures and men and women that tell us dream stories which are part of a wonderfully personal fairy tale world... Continue>>
Until September 29th, 2002
Ancient China - Neolithic art masterpieces from the Tang dynasty
Turin, Palazzo Madama

Painted ' terracotta', music and camels, bronze decorated with 'taotie' masks, fantastic animals and bizarre figures in the Senate Hall of Palazzo Madama where
Precious hand made objects from the Sui Dynansty or the 'Three Kingdoms' are on view...
Until June 24th 2002
Fritz Kok – Mermaids
Rome, The Contemporary Bridge

One-time enchanting creatures are now fish out of water submitted to analysis and experiments: evolution of the mythological figure, between beauty and genetic mutation… Continue>>
"Facciosulserio" ("I'm doing it for real"), the installation that kills
This is the latest creation to spring forth from the volcanic mind of Neapolitan artist Piero Golia. After having travelled to the Biennial in Tirana by boat and having set up his big retrospective in a in a museum of little models, Golia presents a sculpture at Milan's Studio Massimo de Carlo called "Touching absolutely forbidden...". Continue>>
Vittorio Emmanuele II monument reopens
The Vittorio Emmanuele Monument has stood in the centre of Rome, almost embraced between the Capitoline hill's lower slopes since 1911. Since then much has been said and written about this bizarre, eclectic and cumbersome monument, most of it unfavourable. From 2nd June it is to be reopened to the public and much novelty is promised... Continue>>
Young Art: Cristiano Pintaldi

Born in 1970 but the Centre for Visual Arts Pescheria di Pesaro is already dedicating a retrospective to him. Cristiano Pintaldi, the Roman artist “reproducing” television images on canvas by painting the thousands of pixels they are made of, gaining the respect of the critics and the interest of many collectors in just a few years time… Continue>>
Roman modern art museums go on-line
The museum as an institution has a long story to tell. Over the course of time, it has been the subject of continuos renovations, both on a conceptual level as well as a material one, and its latest great transformation was determined by the new information technologies for the management and storage of data archives in the first place, and later the definition a new type of museum communication, up to arriving at the birth of a new type of museum altogether: the virtual museum. Continue>>
Until 31.5.2002
Gianni Caverni – Feet on the ground
Florence, La Corte Arte Contemporanea

“Orto” (the Italian word for vegetable garden), just four letters, but what do they express? Certainly not just one concept, but a wide subject that with its twofold phonetics, covers all of our culture and more: from the demotic “va a zappare l’orto” (lit. “go and hoe the garden”, but used to mean “get lost”) to the height of elitism, the “hortus conclusus” of the most refined forms of humanism. Continue>>
Until June 14th 2002
Francesco Bernardi
Bologna, Neon Gallery

Bernardi proceeds on a journey centered on visual communication, where the photograph is the medium of subjecting the existent to an ideal classification that investigates reality, amplifying it with details, and leaving it to go beyond the limits of imagination... Continue>>
Until 20.7.2002
Non-stop- Paul Kostabi
Pisa, Saletta d'arte Viviani

Metaphysical and romantic works were not enough for brother Mark, who knew how to create a discreet market for himself through the serial production he entrusted to his workers. Now even his brother has emerged, Paul Kostabi... Continue>>

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