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Il documentario dei Beastie Boys realizzato per i 25 anni di “Ill Communication”
Un bambino di tre anni ha distrutto un’opera di Katharina Fritsch ad Art Basel
Libri, film, interviste. A Milano, Gucci punta tutto su Harmony Korine
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Until June 30th, 2002
Pino Musi Giuseppe Terragni - Photographs
Como, Borgovico33

The Borgovico 33 is inauguratine its space with a photographic review dedicated to Giuseppe Terragni, as seen by the lens of Salerno photographer, Pino Musi, who to emphasize the master's linear approach... Continue>>
Until September 18th, 2002
Flemish and Dutch paintings in collections in Lombardy
Milan, Palazzo Reale

The first exhibit to gather together Flemish and Dutch works from the Lombardy museums and collections is in progress at the Milan Palazzo Reale. This is an excellent occasion to see Northern art in all its varied and numerous shades... Continue>>
Until 9.VI.2002
Corsie (Lanes)
Baricella, Galleria Sessantaquattro

The Art Gallery Sessantaquattro in Baricella opened for business May 18 for the third edition of the art Rassegna Corsie (Lanes) which is divided into four sections and organised by the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and the Atelier Pozzati of Concetto Pozzati... Continue>>
Until June 13, 2002
Tracce fuori centro
Florence, Villa Vogel

Tracce Naturali, or natural traces, addresses the dialogue between artist and nature. Spirituality, empathy, osmosis with the natural universe seem to accompany the redefinition of the human being in the technological era. Continue>>
Until June 15, 2002
Bartolomeo Migliore - Life is not a language
Turin, Galleria 41 Contemporary Art

Those of Bartolomeo Migliore, nourished on sound rock influenced by scratching punk energies, are destabilizing messages that bring about a break in attention, to a certain disorientation... Continue>>
Staccioli - Unedited in Trent
A permanent sculpture by Mauro Staccioli was unveiled in Trent's Piazza Venezia park. This is a different, Mauro Staccioli, not the monumental sculptor we have come to know, but rather a Staccioli at children's reach. Continue>>
From May 17th to 19th
HIU8: an unusual stage for art
Milan, Leoncavallo Social Community Center

The eighth edition of International Happening for Underground art was held at the Leoncavallo Community Center in Milan. The exhibit provided a panorama of what was happening in the independent art circuits... Continue>>
FotoGrafia Lectures: Shimon Attie tonight in Rome
. Continue>>
Until 15.7.2002
The gaze of Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Rome, Palazzo delle Esposizioni

The intensity in the gaze of the now century-old Mexican photographer is seen in his expression, placed on the naked and harsh reality of the South American country... Continue>>
Until al 20.VII.2002
Vaccari's tirade in Padua
Padova, Galleria Estro

Franco Vaccari attacks the world of contemporary art with his "shock" exhibition entitled "No Fiction Art". Five large photographic diptychs, combining the more dramatic moments of September 11 with advertisements and front covers of prestigious art reviews... Continue>>
Until 30.6.2002
Daniela Zedda - Deserti di Colore (Deserts of Colour)
Cagliari, Lazzaretto

In the capital of Sardinia a entire continent has arrived, which crosses that part of the Mediterranean separating it from the island of the four moors, represented in the work in Lazzaretto: “Eritrea” and “The African Toy” by Danile Zedda … Continue>>
Until May 31st, 2002
Yael Braverman - Carlo Sain
Florence, FYR

The FYR is hosting the works of Yael Braverman and Carlo Sain; two artists who are very different in creative vocation and formal results, but who share the same penchant for the use of non-traditional methods of representation... Continue>>
Until July 15th, 2002
Luigi Veronesi and Photography
Turin, Martano Gallery

In this exhibit, you discover how objective reality can enter and blend with illusion. The works by Luigi Veronesi are able to produce emotional response through the construction of a labyrinth in perpetual movement animated by whispered reflections... Continue>>
Through June 2, 2002
Alessandra Andrini - "Souvenir"
Bologna, Villa Serena

The videos filmed by Alessandra Andrini are the testimony of trips, visual samples to go through and re-elaborate with subtle crowding-out mechanisms... Continue>>
Historical residences, Sunday 'courtyards open' 2002'
. Continue>>

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