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Tracce di assenza. All'Hotel Hilton Molino Stucky di Venezia le opere di Mimmo Catania
Ad Alberto Angela la laurea honoris causa dell’Università Suor Orsola di Napoli
Flaminia Bonciani e i colori degli anni ’80, al RUFA Space
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Metapittura: young Italian painters in Merano
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Until the 30th June 2002
Mario Ceroli – carte
Rome, Engraving

After the inauguration of Jannis Kounellis’ exhibitions, we can now admire, still in Rome, at the Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica, the last show of another skilled master of poor art… Continue>>
Until the 13th June 2002
Considerazioni Inattuali (Irrelevant Considerations) - Walter Bortolossi
Bologna, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery

Bortolossi tackles contemporariness and hands it back to us transformed, represented in the works on show at the Mondo Bizzarro Gallery. After Dast, another great artist with a merciless look… Continue>>
'Illegal' in the legal studio
Mauro Balletti is an artist whose name is best known in conjunction with the singer Mina. His works are based on a harping back to the essentiality of the line as a tool for defining and moulding space. An exhibition of his work is now to go on show at the Studio Avvocati & Associati in Milan (a legal studio), to celebrate the opening of their new Milan headquarters. Balletti is best known to the public as the personal photographer of Mina and the creator of surreal cover art for the Cremonese singer's albums. Continue>>
Until 7.VI.2002
Piero Nincheri – Bewitched Bodies
Florence, Museo Marino Marini

Anti-modern painter par eccellence, Piero Nincheri (1940-1999), gathers in his canvases the most diverse themes linked to an erotic imaginary world which swings between extenuated sensuality and morbid decadence… Continue>>
Through June 21, 2002
Stefania Di Marco - Micro-Macro
Turin, Paolo Tonin Arte Contemporanea

Fiction, serials and narrative scenes are the concepts that Stafania Di Marco refers to in her photographs. From this emerges a particular interpretation of reality, that comes from the examination of the relationship between reality and artifice… Continue>>
Until June 15th, 2002
Pierre Poggi - Ale-Ohoo!
Milan, O' Artoteca

The personal exhibit of Pierre Poggi at the Spazio 'O' Artoteca Gallery is an investigation into the meaning of contemporary Faith: soccer enthusiasm. This sheds light on the issue through the use of photography, sculpture and installations... Continue>>
Number 178 May 2002
Art and dossier

On the cover, we see the ruby lips of a temptress on the face which Fernand Khnopff painted as if he had seen her behind a poisonous fog: fire and ice - like all the Judiths, Astartes, and Salomes at the turn of the century - to all of which one of the articles in this issue is dedicated... Continue>>
Storm in the capital, top of the Axum stele crumbles
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Through June 30, 2002
Stefania Di Marco – Pools
Rome, 2rc

Probably the most interesting proposal among the dozens of entries to “FotoGrafia”, the first international photography festival in Rome. Stefania Di Marco’s photography builds her world using fashion boutique mannequins in frightening and ironic settings… Continue>>
Until May 28, 2002
Young Artists from Treviso
Venice, Romanian Culture Institute, Palazzo Correr

May 28th is the last day of the exhibition of a group of young artists from Treviso, showing at Palazzo Correr, a missed opportunity and an event neglected by the media, which poses urgent questions… Continue>>
Through June 15, 2002
Sergio Bonino
Turin, Galleria Carbone

In an atmosphere suspended in time, the poetry of Sergio Bonino takes life and colour. The works on show remind us of objects of design and emphasise well Bonino's expressive tension towards architecture, which has been his subject of research for years... Continue>>
Until June 20th, 2002
Antonio Catelani - Ipercromo
Bologna, Galleria No Code

The recent works of Antonio Catelani in the No Code exhibit are: previously unseen works, new expressions in color, fields of contrast ... Continue>>
Vine and contemporary art
On 7th May at the Cantine Leonardo in Vinci (near Florence), the prizes in the first ever Artists' Competition were awarded. The project is part of a winning combination that leads to a dual education in taste... Continue>>
Through June 23, 2002
Dario Cusani - From iron to silicon
Naples, Città della Scienza

The representation of the Bagnoli in disuse, of old Italsider plants that leave space to new economic and social realities on show... Continue>>

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