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Per il compleanno di Frida Kahlo, regalati la sua nuova collezione beauty
Nuova vita per il World Trade Center, che riparte con un Centro d’Arti Performative
Riaperte al pubblico due delle piramidi più antiche d’Egitto
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Until November 15, 2002
Napoli Mirabile
Varese, Villa Menafoglio Litta Panza

The “Great Stable” of Villa Litta will host, for three months, a collection of approximately one hundred paintings of Neapolitan views, dating from the middle of the seventeenth century until the end of the nineteenth century. They are all courtesy of the Maurizio and Isabella Alisio Foundation …
Click Stream Analysis, net art at the academy

The Museum Laboratory in the Sapienza University in Rome opens its doors to Net Art with an exhibition which suggests a possible expository standard for web projects and at the same time statistically studies the personal routes taken by every visitor, through proposed sites…
until 6.I.2002
Arte all’Arte - Marisa Merz/Lothar Baumgarten
Colle val d’Elsa and Montalcino

Without the leaflet of Arte all’Arte 7 or without taking part in a guided visit it is difficult to notice the presence of artwork by Marisa Merz in Colle Val d’Elsa…
Until 23.II.2003
The beauty of the sacred
Arezzo, different museums

From Cristo triunphans to Cristo patiens, this exhibition offers an astounding collection of Mediaeval sculptures in wood and the discovery, shown by accurate restoration, of great interest for history of art.
More, more art in Rome

Some weeks ago, with a beautiful fusion-dinner on a Roman terrace in front of the Vittoriano Monument at Piazza Venezia, "More" was born. This association wants to bring the best of modern art to the capital once a year. We put four questions to the inventor Gianluca Lipoli, who anticipated some names ...

Transart 02 conquering the world

Art, dance and contemporary music as elements connecting the East and the West. These were the themes of Bolzano Festival’s second edition just recently finished ...
The UNESCO Convention on cultural heritage: Many good points and some faults

The current legislation regarding the international circulation of cultural heritage is born from the will to safeguard the cultural heritage of the countries of origin.
Since the beginning of time, as long as man’s remotest history, we have witnessed despoiling, theft and pillaging…
Until 6.I.2003
Rembrandt - Paintings, etchings and reflections on Italy in the 17th and 18th
Rome, Scuderie del Quirinale

An inspiration without limits and an extraordinary creativity which express a unique and coherent vision: to give live to drawing, stroke and line. This is why Rembrandt's art is, and will always be, universal and eternal…
Borgia’s dynasty
Seven years have passed since the conception of the initial idea for this exhibition, and now that various difficulties have been overcome and the artwork has been obtained, the great exhibition aimed at revealing the true identity of the Borgia family is to be launched. The history, art, intrigues, betrayals, poisons and dark legend…

Young Art - Paolo Chiasera

Paolo Chiasera is one of the protagonists of the new crop of talented artists from Bologna. His research is aimed at overturning usual and cold spatial relations. He is a video-artist with one obsession: painting...
fino al 4.XI.2002
Nuevas Pinturas - Santiago Ydáñez
Trieste, Galleria Lipanjepuntin

Those that we see are great portraits, busts full of colour, huge open mouths where we feel like we are entering a world where we can almost touch the artist’s desire to draw us into his speech and proclaim his identity…
The story behind “LabOratorio”

“Situazioni” is the title of the new series of LabOratorio conferences, which will begin today in Turin with a first appointment. Exibart has asked to be explained the initiative behind it, and found the group of five female caretakers from the a. titolo group willing to talk …

Until 20.X.2002
Raffaella Formenti - Motore di Ricerca
Livorno, Galleria Peccolo

At the exhibition, closing a series of four different events, all on the same theme: Raffaella Formenti's "Motori di Ricerca" (Search Engines), like the enormous internet archives, become inviting labyrinths full of stimuli, which are different from the ones we were looking for…

Italian Photography travels to Bulgaria

After six editions, the International Biennial Bulgarian festival of Povlodiv has allotted a section to Italy. We interviewed Claudia Zanfi, the curator of the Italian pavilion at the event…

Until December 21, 2002
Masaccio and the origins of Renaissance
San Giovanni Valdarno (ar), Casa Masaccio

In the season of the first Renaissance, the international leaders of the Gothic genre and the artifices of the new artistic conception are brought together: in the midst of the storm, Masaccio makes his way,a son of cheese-makers from San Giovanni Valdarno …

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