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Through June 16, 2002
Marco Cingolani - "Stropicciarsi gli occhi" ("Rubbing my eyes")
Promotrice di Belle Arti

"I thought that my tax identification number was the most truthful portrait of me, but I was wrong. In a catalogue, it was printed with an extra number. It almost, almost resembles me, like one of my sketches." (Marco Cingolani)... Continue>>
Until June 18th, 2002
Faces & Places - New York Ground Zero
Firenze, Biagiotti Arte Contemporanea

All'interno della mostra Faces & Places, Mariella Bettineschi presenta il progetto New York Ground Zero. L'installazione consiste in 56 fotografie scattate pochi giorni dopo l'attentato dell'11 settembre alle Twin Towers... Continue>>
Francesco Ciusa
The Mother of the Victim

The first stirrings of the brief century, coming from the so-called Sardinian Athens whose favorite son, Francesco Ciusa, proposes the intimate reality of a region in a plaster statue that won first prize at the Venice Biennial... Continue>>
Until June 4, 2002
Gioacchino Pontrelli - Distorted Superficiality
Rome, Autori Cambi

Space slides away, tricked by an altered perspective, or betrayed by a missing corner: the rooms painted by Gioacchino Pontrelli are only apparently possible, a space that cannot be occupied, inhabited just by ambiguous absence and expectation... Continue>>
Young art: Giuseppe Pietroniro

The play between the real and the imaginary continues. The ambiguous joined to a strong sense of irony characterises the work of Giuseppe Pietroniro, a young artist who loves not ever taking himself too seriously. Exibart met up with him in bar in Rome's Campo dei Fiori... Continue>>
Fino al 14.VI.2002
La cattedrale inedita
Milano, Museo del Duomo

When architecture is stronger than architects: an exhibit of projects for the facade of Milan's Duomo between the 16th and 18th centuries. A fresh journey inside the world's longest-running construction site... Continue>>
Until May 26, 2002
Fugue - Kate Davis
London, Rhodes + Mann

In the recent Kate Davis exhibition at the Rhodes + Mann Gallery of London, the artist explores the concept and conditions of "fugue" in a series of co-related works within the installation, from photography to video to drawing... Continue>>
Poetry, montages and events at the Candiani Centre in Mestre.
. Continue>>
Through May 25, 2002
Flirt - Cinzia Ortali e Andrea Salvatori
Bologna, Interno & dum dum

The works of Cinzia Ortali and Andrea Salvatori dialogue naturally, they look to one another, they relate to one another as if under the spell of a pleasant attraction... Continue>>
Orlan in Conference in Rome
. Continue>>
Until June 9th 2002
West Road – Guido Guidi
Antonino Paraggi Space, Treviso

Photography as an instrument of knowledge of a territory, of its forms, of its values, of its story, thanks to an association and to a space for contemporary photography that, in the city of Monet, signifies a new vital lymph… Continue>>
Until August 4 2002
Claude Monet and abstraction - untl digital impressionism
Basel, Beyeler Foundation

In the transparent and luminous structure of the Beyeler Foundation, an exhibition showcasing the final period of Monet, seen as the turning point toward the pictorial abstraction of the twentieth century and the digital impressionism of recent decades... Continue>>
Number 557
ARCHITECTURE news and history
The counter-reformation of art (and of history)

Andrea Bruno, Rome 1948-1959, Kuniaki Ito, Jean Nouvel, Andreas Meck, Stefan Koppel, Murphy /Jahn, Guillermo Vasquez Consuegra, Pedro Diaz, Inigo Casero, Bolles & Wilson, Cinzia Abbate, Carlo Vigevano, Walter Hunziker, Drè Wapenaar… Continue>>
Trento, a night without borders
The evening of Friday, May 24th, the Municipal Modern Art Gallery of Trento gives life to a night without borders… Continue>>
Until June 8, 2002
Loic Le Groumellec
Milan, Galleria Karsten Greve

A selection of canvases and works on paper that, in their complex nudity, search for the deeper meaning of painting itself.... Continue>>

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