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Tracce di assenza. All'Hotel Hilton Molino Stucky di Venezia le opere di Mimmo Catania
Ad Alberto Angela la laurea honoris causa dell’Università Suor Orsola di Napoli
Flaminia Bonciani e i colori degli anni ’80, al RUFA Space
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Campania Felix, all the beauties of Campania in one magazine
Until May 30th, 2002
W Snoopy: Snoopy, an Americano in Rome
Rome, Palazzo delle Esposizioni

‘My childhood dream has come true’ wrote Charles Schulz in his last letter to Snoopy fans. In Rome, the exhibit ‘W Snoopy’ celebrates the poetic contribution his creations have made to the dreams and imagination of entire generations of children and adults... Continue>>
Until June 9th, 2002
Turin: art&children
Turin, The City Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

Summer is almost here (finally!) and with the end of school, the Educational Section of the Museums looks back at all the fun and work involved in the winter exhibits! We’ll begin our trip from Turin which invites us to educational exhibits but not only... Continue>>
Until 31.5.2002
Franco Menicagli – Leobrante
Rosignano Marittimo (li), Palazzo Marini

In Rosignano Marittimo, at Palazzo Marini, Franco Menicagli’s “Leobrante” exhibition has been opened. The title is a monosyllabic cross between the Italian words for lion, zebra and snake... Continue>>
Dakar Biannual, Prize for Best Work Awarded to Egyptian Moataz Nasr
An on-line conference about selling Net Art
Invited to hold a workshop within the inter.face italian art lab, an on line seminar that concludes Art into the Web contest, the net artist Carlo Zanni [a.k.a. beta] has organized a conference-discussion with the participation of dozens of speakers from all over the world... Continue>>
Until September 1, 2002
Water Light Time - David Doubilet
Verona, Scaligeri ruins

I know that the picture of a dead fish could be important, and end up on the first page of a newspaper. Every time I am in a place, I ask myself what makes the place interesting, what makes it a jewel? Continue>>
Until May 25, 2002
L'Islam in Sicily - A garden between two civilizations
Il Cairo, Akhenaton Gallery

Flying carpets, chants, writings that reveal a dual soul - Italian and Arab. Continue>>
Until June 6, 2002
Davide La Rocca – Ungenioingenuo (A Naive Genius)
Milan, Studio Cannaviello

Exposed are 12 paintings of an artist who in the middle of a battle between extreme modernism and traditional painting found his own coherent response. Continue>>
Until June 1, 2002
Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s babies
Bologna, Arte e Arte Gallery

Christo, spectacular, colourful and elegant projects in a retrospective Exhibition at the Arte e Arte Gallery in Bologna. Small sized works made out of paper, pastels and cloths. Works dating back from the seventies down to
The more recent… Continue>>
Rome: Photography Capital
FotoGrafia will be month-long festival, lasting until June 21. With over 50 exhibtions showing more than 100 artists, FotoGrafia will be Rome's first international photography show. Exibart went to talk to one of its curators,
Cristiana Perrella... Continue>>
Hot Contemporary Trentino
The opening of the Exibart Trento/Bolzano office is an excellent chance to examine the Trentino-Alto Adige region which, more and more, is a hot area for contemporary art. The managing editor of Exibart-Trento/Bolzano guides us… Continue>>
Three new Exibart columns
Until June 26, 2002
Adrian Paci – Piktori
Lucca, Claudio Poleschi

A simple story. The life of an Albanian painter as told by Adrian Paci who with videos, photographs and cloisters
accompanies us through the memories of emigrants in search of an identity. Continue>>
Through June 2, 2002
Nori De'Nobili
Ancona, Mole Vanvitelliana

One hundred works by De’ Nobili belonging to the Ancona Province and many other collections by the City of Ripe open the program on the research on the female condition in the visual arts sectors… Continue>>

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