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È morto Philippe Zdar dei Cassius
Tracce di assenza. All'Hotel Hilton Molino Stucky di Venezia le opere di Mimmo Catania
Ad Alberto Angela la laurea honoris causa dell’Università Suor Orsola di Napoli
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8th International Architecture Exhibition
The Golden Lions
Venice, Biennale

The Golden Lions (Toyo Ito, Alvaro Siza, The Netherlands) and the Special Awards of the Jury represent a way of understanding architecture as art-science which gets ideas and resources from the cultural and environmental patrimony of the past and projects them into the future… Continue>>
Until October6, 2002
Photo Festival - 2002
Savignano sul Rubicone (fc), various hosts

Available experts, seminars, competitions and prizes, all completely free and all thanks to the Photo festival 2002, which has opened its annual exhibition dedicated to photography. The events are varied …

Through October 3, 2002
Eros materia - Rinat Baibekov
Bologna, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery

Try to imagine the materialisation of a modern North-European fantasy fable on a canvas that talks of magic and magnetism, of diversity and union, that transcends earthly and time limits to bring us to an alien dimension…

Consagra in place of the Stele of Axum.

Once the Stele of Axum is handed back to Ethiopia, a hole will be left in the square in front of the Fao building. An interesting option could be to put a monument by Pietro Consagra in it's place. It is 18 metres high, can be found in Sicily and is disappearing under a motorway, which is in construction...
Through January 6, 2003
All the women of the world - The world of Nobuyoshi Araki
Modena, Palazzina dei Giardini

Ciro the cat, baby Godzilla and diaphanous girls in the Manga style, indoors in Tokyo. In Modena, 3300 pieces of everyday sadomasochistic erotica with silent Geisha like images… Continue>>
Through October 19, 2002
Micha Klein - Icons, Idols and Fetishes
Milan, B&D Studio Contemporanea

A year and half since his first one man show in Italy, Micha Klein is back to present his new works at the B&D Studio Contemporanea, a Milanese gallery that is particularly attentive to new techniques and media. The following are two critiques…
Until September 29, 2002
Michele Fenzl Menardi
Gradisca d’Isonzo (go), Regional Gallery of Contemporary Art

In this artist’s work there is no colour. Yet in his very unique black and white, even the white is silent. However, the tones of black and gray are infinite and extremely refined in his work…

Until October 6, 2002
Yoko Ono - Ex it
Venice, Piazzale Ravà

‘Imagine a world without war, without religion too, imagine all the people living life in peace, you may say I’m a dreamer…’ It’s a song we have heard a million times, we and the whole world. Exibart spoke with Yoko Ono in Venice…
until September 29 2002
Giampaolo Atzeni - Orient Express II
Bologna, Galleria Catus

After the success of Orient Express, the Cactus gallery proposes Orient Express II, an exhibit where Giampaolo Atzeni shows his dream like interpretation of the trip: moving life experience…

Until October 6 2002
Elio Modigliani
Florence, Palazzo Ammannati Pazzi

Elio Modigliani e Pierpaolo Pagano. A 19TH Century ethnologist and a modern day
photographer come face to face in an exhibition. This is much more than a tribute or a revisiting...

Until X.18.2002
Immagina... Immagini
Cagliari, ExMà

The photographic review, reaches its second editions and narrates the Palestinian drama. Through Francesco Cito’s lens, and the emotions of 12 young photographers, in Appunti di vista (Sight notes). Everything is accompanied by the projection of diaporams and diaprojections.
Johannesburg … the future of the world
according to R. Rogers, H. Hollein and J. Wines)
Biennale di Venezia

The 8th International Architecture Exhibition and the Johannesburg summit, two views on the future. "Saving the world": how can architecture contribute? We asked for authoritative opinions at the biennial exhibition of "future in progress"…
Codrongianus (ss), ante 1116

SS. Trinità di Saccargia Basilica

Built harmoniously in a suggestive valley, in the Judicial period, the abbey of SS. Trinità di Saccargia was one of the most famous and thriving monasteries of the region…
The Factory of Wonders
A treasure in the Turin Lingotto: a display by Giovanni and Marella Agnelli of never before seen chefs d’oeuvre. The place, an old car factory, has been renovated by Renzo Piano…
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NEXT 8. International Show of Architecture
Venice, Factories, Artillery, Isle and Gardens of the Arsenal

What should someone quickly visiting the Biennial exhibition really see? The show itself actually requires a couple of hours, and more than half a day if nothing is to be missed, plus, there are all the pavilions...


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