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Through September 29, 2002
Gregory Deane
Florence, Former hospital of di San Matteo

Those who think that Action Painting was a phenomena limited to the end of the Forties or early Fifties are very wrong. Confirmation of this can be seen at Piazza San Marco, in Florence, in the exhibit space of the Academy of Fine Arts…
Until summer 2003
Tuscia Electa - Antony Gormley
San Casciano val di Pesa (fi), Torre dell’acqua (The Tower of Water)

The outline of a man. His metaphor. His real icon. Gormley’s assistants spend the day moulding the master’s body to sculpt him out of various materials. One is made in Tuscany …
Through October 31, 2002
Olivo Barbieri - Paintings
Florence, Galleria Isabella Brancolini

Near the Uffizi, a few of the icons of art history have been placed in a surprising dimension by an important Italian contemporary photographer…
Until October 5 2002
Bartolomeo Migliore - The Sonic Death
Milano, Galleria Pack

Bartolomeo Migliore composes ideal covers for his musical heritage through painting. With The Sonic Death, his ten year journey continues beyond canvas, within environment...

From September 19, 2002
Renoir and the light of Impressionism
Milan, Fondazione Mazzotta

Colour is the real protagonist in paintings from the second half of the nineteenth century: chromatic games enable Impressionism to capture the light, with Renoir as one of the greatest masters of the revolution that is today revived in the Mazzota Foundation …

Macroscopically. Interview with Danilo Eccher
He came and changed everything. He has put on lots of very interesting exhibitions. He is working on projects to expand the exhibition area within the former Peroni brewery and externally in the Testaccio district, where a new headquarters is to be inaugurated. He has collaborated with the universities. He has set up a Master’s degree for curators. He has started to increase the collections. He has organised international seminars. MACRO is the spearhead of the Roman Renaissance in contemporary art. We asked Danilo Eccher, the director of the museum, about it.
by Maria Cristina Bastante Continue>>
number 349 September 2002

On the cover Ait-il se term? by John Bock, one of the most courted artists at Art Basel 33, a snapshot of a performance held during the fair last June. Evocative events, in-depth enquiries and the seductive creative force of the great masters …

From 20 to 22.9.2002
Stefano Boccalini - Family Album
Serravalle pistoiese (pt), various seats

A medieval village, its inhabitants, the memories of individuals, the collective memory. These are the ingredients of Stefano Boccalini’s new work. For the taking with an entire village…

fino al 24.XI.2002
Cai Guo-Qiang - Ethereal Flowers
Trento, Galleria Civica

The first Italian personal exhibition of Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang, who was made fire the fundamental element of his research. In Trento, he was almost scandalous..

Young Art - Federico Fusi

We met with Federico Fusi at his home in Sienna at the end of July when we spent a few hours talking about his latest work. This is a summary for exibart readers…

Until November 10, 2002
Vittorio Corsini -Alleluia
Siena, Palazzo delle Papesse - Caveau

In 1998, Vittorio Corsini preferred sorrow, and exhibited his works in cells occupied by lunatics in the San Niccolò ex-Psychiatric Hospital... Continue>>
Until November 17, 2002
Gabriele Basilico - Salvo. Contemporary landscapes
Bergamo, Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery.

One hundred and fifty photographs by Gabriele Basilico and one hundred paintings by Salvo. An interesting contrast between two different styles, two perspectives and two ways of reflecting on contemporary reality and daily living spaces…
Art behind the door

A collection of hidden treasures, decorated halls, pictures, sculptures and more, never seen before. It will happen on Saturday 21, when bank-owned historical buildings will open to the public. An invitation to the out of the ordinary, for one day only…

Until I.6.2003
Arte all'Arte - Damián Ortega
Poggibonsi (si), Enopolio

Since the 1960’s, Coca Cola has been the unexpected main player on the artistic scene. After Schifano’s pictures, turns to the light of new booty …
Through September 25, 2002
Q13 - visual art and music project
Mestre, Candiani Cultural Center

Art works its way into everything, even into the Q13, the now traditional event (born in ’89) dedicated to musical creativity, that is currently hosting a group show of 13 young artists that reinforces the bond between the visual arts and music which has, by now, become a permanent one…

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