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Wes Anderson e Juman Malouf portano il sarcofago di Spitzmaus alla Fondazione Prada
A Roma riapre al pubblico il Ninfeo degli Specchi al Palatino
Ecco il nuovo motore di ricerca per chi non ricorda i titoli dei film
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fino al 22.IX.2002
Franco Fontana - Percorsi Alternativi
Milan, Carla Sozzani Gallery

We meet the great photographer from the Emilia Romagna region in the Centre East of Italy, for the inauguration of his new exhibition “ Percorsi alternativi ” (Alternative courses). This surreal and minimalist exhibition displays sixty images that illustrate exceptional visions of his different subjects and travels. A moment with Franco Fontana…

Until 20/9/02
Tommaso Cascella - Reign of bronze
Viterbo, Miralli Gallery

Inspired by the mythic ancient Bronze Age civilisation, Cascella’s works are ingenious blocking weapons alternating between small landscapes enclosed in small containers, real visions of a travel diary Continue>>
Until I.6.2003
Arte all’Arte - Cildo Meireles
Siena, Orto de’ Pecci

A thirty meter iron ladder goes up in an interesting urban country side behind Piazza del Campo. The aesthetic-architectural comparison with Torre del Mangia is natural… Continue>>
Through January 6, 2003
Arte all’Arte - Tacita Dean
Casole d’Elsa (Sienna), Chiesa dell’Ospedale/Mensano area

Square sheets of yellow alabaster, hanging on the walls of the small Chiesa dell’Ospedale in Casole d’Elsa. They haven’t always been there. For a few days now have they modified the internal surface of the walls…
Turin has a new Kunsthalle
The new Turin branch of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation held its opening this morning, and will remain open this evening for much partying and the inauguration ceremonies. This new Foundation is a real centre for international contemporary art: the “ExIt” exhibition, under the direction of Francesco Bonami, was launched at the opening. This show is dedicated to upcoming young Italian talents. A report by Maria Cristina Strati Continue>>
Until December 31, 2002
Lorenzo Viani - Opere grafiche e legni xilografici
Viareggio (lu), Palazzo Paolina

Violent, succinct, direct. It is and always will be itself. Outside of any current or critique. The voice of the people, the downtrodden, farmers. Pure genius. The man in question, whom according to Luigi Campolonghi is a "terrorist painter", is Lorenzo Viani...
Dalle cinque alle otto
Bagheria, Museum-Osservatorio dell'arte contemporanea

A new programme of conferences and meetings with artists and contemporary art experts, supported by video projections for emphasis. To host the initiative, once again, the Bagheria Museum Continue>>
Through November 17, 2002
Nam June Paik - The Electronic Juggler and the Invention of Video Art
Turing, Palazzo Cavour

In this exhibit, Turin celebrates the work of Nam June Paik, the father of video art, with an event of national importance. Among video sculptures, installations, photographs, and more than seven house of film, about one hundred of works are exhibited to the public...
Until 20/10/02
From De Chirico to Lèonor Fini - Fantastical paintings in Italia Trieste, Rivoltella Museum

According to the caretaker of the exhibition, Vittorio Sgarbi, fantastical painting in Italy developed in certain Po valley towns by more than just pure coincidence…

fino al 17.XI.2002
Elger Esser/Olivo Barbieri - Cityscapes Landscapes
Siena, Palazzo della Papesse

For years they have been recognized for the quality of their pictures. At the Palazzo della Papesse, one reflects on landscapes, the other on cityscapes. They are looking to overcome one of a photographer’s greatest challenges: tell a new story in the country of Siena…
Until October 6 2002
Sculpture as a living language. Arturo Martini and the renewal of sculpture in Italy in the second half of the 20th century.
Acqui Terme (al), ex Kaimano exhibition area

This exceptional sculpture exhibition, which closes next October 6, could not pass without remark due to the outstanding level of the sculptures and the attractive exhibition area that the ex Kaimano cutlery factory provides…

Through October 31, 2002
Poema a fumetti (“Cartoon poem”)
Belluno, Palazzo Crepadona

A much deserved homage to Dino Buzzati: journalist, novelist, screenwriter, but also artistic poet, painter, and cartoonist with deep insight, 30 years after his death…
fino al 4.X.2002
Red China - Lu Peng floating world
Peking, Red Gate Gallery

Red China… not a color, but the implosion of paradox and contradictions which describe a frantic and disorienting reality, consumed by an endemic conflict between present and past, in the constant search of a “right mean” to reconcile modernity and conservation… Continue>>
Up until 12.01.2003
Picasso 1961-1972
Padua, Palazzo Zabarella

This is a surprising exhibition of the works of an artist who, at the age of eighty, created an entirely new and extraordinary way of painting…
Documenta 11: Marginality at the centre
Marginality at the centre. This curatorial idea was pursued coherently in the last issue of 'Documenta'. Coherence that is showed in the choice of artists, who in the main part are westerners: in the choice of contents; privation, poverty, and war.

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