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Until September 29, 2002
El Che - Photographs by Renè Burri
Genoa, Fnac

“This is a life story, seen through my eyes and my lens.” A collection of the most famous pictures of the legendary Comandante, taken by the great contemporary photographer René Burri…

report #3
Ars Electronica 2002 - Unplugged
Linz (austria), various venues

The last report of Ars Electronica. ‘Europe must resist Bush’: the message of Paul Virilio at the Linz Festival.

Until September 29, 2002
Giovanni Testori at Castello di Grotti
Monteroni d'Arbia (si), Fondazione Vacchi

In exhibition at Grotti are not only Testori's sensual 'nudes', but also the realised works of twenty artists who made the Milanese intellectual front the subject of their work: from Frangi to Guccione.

Until September 20, 2002
Giorgio de Chirico - Pictor Optimus
Bruxelles, Parlamento europeo

A great advertising campaign for an interesting exhibition, that will however only last 9 days and will not be open to the general public. The European Parliament in Brussels displays the works of the Pictor Optimus, AKA Giorgio de Chirico… Continue>>
Until January 12, 2003
Miquel Barcelò’s atelier
Rome, GNAM

‘Everything can exist within the artist’s studio but not outside of that reality. The atelier is like the painting, it delimits reality’. The preparation of the GNAM recreates the microcosm of Miquel Barcelò’s studio. A one-man show , the largest realised in Italy. Continue>>
The “Biennale del Golfo” is back

All the names of the artists invited to take part in the second edition of La Spezia’s modern art biennial exhibition, run by Bruno Corà of the Modern Art Centre - Pecci Museum of Prato. The name of the winner will be announced over the next few days...
A brief guide

NEXT 8. International Show of Architecture
Venice, Factories, Artillery, Isle and Gardens of the Arsenal

What should someone quickly visiting the Biennial exhibition really see? The show itself actually requires a couple of hours, and more than half a day if nothing is to be missed, plus, there are all the pavilions...

Beato Angelico

The real name of this artist was Guido di Pietro Tosini, but between Giovanni entering the Black Friars, he was given the nickname Beato due to his saintly life, and Angelico is connected to his paintings, always of religious subjects – therefore angelic... Continue>>
Udine, opportunità per i giovani vignettisti
Two paintings: discovered and restored at the Galleria Borghese
They are stories of “changes of mind,” hidden subjects which have changed hands several times. There is a portrayal of Saint John the Baptist by Bronzino and one of the Sacred Family that was attributed to Giulio Romano but reveals a much more complex beginning. These and other discoveries have been made thanks to reflectography. The paintings have been made transparent, as you have never seen them before… Continue>>
Until September 12th, 2002
Homeless – International models and manners from the Bianchini collection
San Benedetto del Tronto (ap), Palazzo Bice Piacentini

A rich and intense voyage in recent years of contemporary art through the private collection of a man who has dedicated his life to art; an exhibition that is the memory and passion of one of the most interesting personalities of Italian artistic scene. Continue>>
Until 8 September 2002
Ascoltar con gli occhi – Listen with the eyes
Siena, Santa Maria della Scala

In the two ongoing exhibitions at Santa Maria della Scala, Musica inaudita and In margine al pentagramma, there are “figure in musica” of Lombardi and Pennisi that narrate experiences, ask questions, and explain meanings. These figures are artistic sensitivities that meet to talk with the public: all eyes and ears… Continue>>
Until August 18, 2002
Chic Clicks
Winterthur, Fotomuseum

What is the difference between art photography and fashion photography? Can one practice both genres at the same time? What gives a fashion photo an eventual artistic value? Do limits still exist between fashion and art? If so, by what are they determined? Continue>>
Through November 1, 2002
The 15th century in Camerino - light and perspective in the heart of the Marches
Camerino mc), Convent of San Domenico

More than seventy paintings and a vast collection of sculptures and furnishings form the basis of an extraordinary journey for learning about the works and especially the artists who Federico Zeri considers to be members of the most well-known school of painting of the Marches. Continue>>
until 9.9.2002
Emilio Scherer
Bosa (nu), Casa Deriu

A hot African atmosphere and Oriental nuances in the work of Emilio Scherer, the nineteenth century artist, who moved to Sardinia, where his work has recently been reunited for an exhibition... Continue>>

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