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In Germania, presso la Stadtgalerie Kiel, inaugurata la seconda tappa della mostra del Premio Fondazione Vaf
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VALIE EXPORT vince il Roswitha Haftmann Prize 2019. Il premio alla sua ricerca coraggiosa
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Derek Jarman. The Garden
Anthology. Literally: "flower choices". The Garden is a kind of private place where images, feelings, themes and styles intermix to represent a kind of personalised "icongraphical word of advice", a mixture of visual languages... Continue>>
“Skyscrapers ruin the view ” (according to the English)
The London Bridge tower planned by Renzo Piano and the inauguration of the Foster’s County: notes on debates and sneers in London. Looking at the foreign press to reflect on the Italian panorama… Continue>>
Until 28.VII.2002
New Genius – artisti segnalati (New Genius – artists to look out for)
Naples, Casina Pompeiana

It’s practically an invasion. Thirty artists in a space which usually only hosts personal exhibits, or similar events. Young artists could not be left out in a moment which sees Naples hosting many contemporary art exhibits. Continue>>
Dal disegno alla pittura. Poussin, Watteau, Fragonard, David e Ingres
(Electa 2002)

Drawing is an artist's most intimate and personal form of expression. To completely understand a painter's drawings means to understand their personality: Rosemberg scrupulously analyses drawings to help us discover and understand 5 great French masters... Continue>>
Until 31 July 2002
By-pass – percorso alternativo
Monteprandone (ap), Palazzo Parissi

In Monteprandone, a little village in the Marche region sheltered between the slopes of the hills, ten artists are getting together to set up an art laboratory, thereby becoming spokesperson of the schizophrenic evolution of contemporary life.. Continue>>
Until July 30th 2002
Paul Ferman
Roma, Galleria Il Ponte

Once again still life, an eternal subject. This time the Australian artist uses huge Camellia's as a metaphor for existence darkened by industrial dyes or the final glow of metallic silver... Continue>>
Sound paths: installations, sculpture and architecture
We daily perceive an infinite range of sounds including street noise, the electrical noises of our computer, the noises objects make, the organic noises of nature and synthesized sounds which derive from mathematics. Exibart will continue its in depth reviews concerning the relationship between art and music which has been ongoing for some weeks...
by Marco Altavilla Continue>>
New Light on the Milan Collections
One of the most famous art collections has finally been exhibited in worthy fashion, focussing on some of the most important sculptures in 20th Century Italy. The Museo della Permanente provides one of the surprises of the summer. Two critical accounts of the exhibition follow... Continue>>
Through 30 July 2002
Tony Matelli
Rome, Galleria Sperone

The American artist, during his first personal visit to Italy, displays a
Series of sculptures together which are hyper-real. He does so in a very surreal and mysterious atmosphere. Ironic and primitive, he presents three comical versions of himself. Continue>>
Until the 31st August 2002
Paradise lost
Rimini, Palazzo dell’Arengo

In Rimini, photography, drawings and paintings, videos and installations all merge in one single exhibition. Dozens of artists reflect and rebuild in fragments the axiom which has always connected mankind to nature… Continue>>
Until July 28, 2002
Mittelfest 2002
Cividale del Friuli, various locations

An important festival inaugurated the 11th edition of the Mittelfest in Cividale del Friuli. This is the most important festival for prose, music, dance, poetry, visual arts, marionettes and cinema of Central Europe... Continue>>
Jacques Louis David
Lictorians bring Brutus his sons’ bodies

This painting was created by Jacques Louis David between 1787 and 1788, during the years right before the French Revolution. He was an enthusiastic champion of the Revolution as well, so much so that after Robespierre’s execution, he was imprisoned, because he was considered one of Robespierre’s supporters. Continue>>
Prodigy featuring Traktor
Baby's got a temper

Beautiful naked models milking the cows that accompany Prodigy’s musical performance to supply a crowd suffering from withdrawal symptoms with this mysterious milky substance. A nightmare of images to celebrate rape, Rohypnol, and mental narcosis. Continue>>
Until 21.09.2002
Alessandro Bazan – Volgare
Florence, Sergio Tossi

A path of tinsel and intellectual refineries. Alessandro Bazan lands in the Volgare, the common. A name that contains the sense of all the Paintings being shown without wanting to be a limit of research, a closed theme, a cycle…
Until 20 September 2002
Calasetta (ca), Civico Museo d’Arte Contemporanea

A difficult technique puts some protagonists of the Sardinian artistic scene together. Surrounded by tourists and beaches the new season of the Museo di Calasetta is starting. The museum opens its doors everyday at 18.30, so we can go to the beach first… Continue>>

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