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Libri, film, interviste. A Milano, Gucci punta tutto su Harmony Korine
David LaChapelle firma il calendario Lavazza 2020
Tutti i segreti per un ritratto postmoderno. Mostra e talk alla RUFA
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la giovane arte - Marina Fulgeri

Marina Fulgeri, a native of Bologna, investigates the potential for the manipulation of perception in photography, video and installations. Lights and phrases found by chance on walls and a strong drive for working with space have resulted in a fascinating imaginary realm... Continue>>
Interview with Jérome Sans
Three weeks before the inauguration of the exhibition Tutto Normale in the gardens of the Villa Medici, at the French Accademy in Rome, we met up with Jérome Sans. Jérome Sans, editor (together with Ludovico Pratesi) of the hottest event in Rome this summer also co-edits Intermission at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence… Continue>>
Until August 20th, 2002
Rome, Villa Medici

The historical seat of the Academy of France in Rome holds dozens of works of art, installations and performances. From the punk inauguration concert to the Maserati abandoned in the garden, it's an exhibit to explore and discover. This is an appointment full of surprises from the past and the present... Continue>>
Until 25 August 2002
Portrait: Berlin
Bolzano, Fotoforum

Five artists that live and work in Berlin have taken pictures of the thousand facets of this continually changing city. The images on display in Bolzano have already been in Tokyo and will travel on to Glückstadt after this exhibition... Continue>>
Until July 20th 2002
Georges Lilanga
Bologna, Galleria Spazia

Lilanga represents the culture of the African population through canvases flooded by twisted and grotesque bodies animated by a strong sense of dance... Continue>>
In Trento, The frontiers of the I
With the summer evening of the end of June, terminates a cycle of events that brought the Civic Gallery of Contemporary Arts of Trento, once a month, since February, out of its spaces… Continue>>
Until January 6th, 2003
The myth of Europa - From kidnapped girl to continent
Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi

This is a myth which has never been forgotten and it is celebrated here with 150 works of art which range over more than nine centuries of artistic endeavor. This exhibit will surprise you because it contains no repetition and the works on show are of the highest quality... Continue>>
Bruno Munari
The chair for the very short visits

"In 1945, Bruno Munari's genius and irony created the chair for the very short visits. The special seat was projected for Zanotta and produced in only nine pieces. The most evident speciality of that chair is its seat, which is inclined by 45° and which suggests to the guest not to stay too much time ..." Continue>>
First Roman edition of Time Out
Exibart has met up with the director of the Roman edition of Time Out (available as of today), a leading leisure magazine in various capitals around the world. Claudio Colasanti, who is an art critic, is now heading this important mainstream magazine. Continue>>
Through July 12, 2002
Radical & Critical
Rome, Fondazione Adriano Olivetti

They move between the skidding of the sense and meaning, combining words, objects, images, undermining daily tranquillity of common places, with irony and a certain 'contemporary' disenchantment. Conceptual declination of young art... Continue>>
Until 28 July 2002
Obiettivo Almodovar
Milano, Fnac

After cinema, photography: for the first time an exhibition by Pedro Almodovar with photographs taken during the shooting of “Habla con ella”, his latest, extraordinary, film. Continue>>
Until July 31st, 2002
Theorytipe - Stefano Calligaro
Padua, Perugi artecontemporanea

Not everyone agrees that art has to do with matter unless you also consider electronic bits and electro-magnetic waves as matter. The artist, in this case, does have something to do with matter... Continue>>
Young art – Pennacchio Argentato

They are very young, but since their debut exhibition in Via Farini they seem destined to become successful components of the Italian art scene: they have had a one man show at the T293 gallery in Naples, they were selected by the Ratti Foundation in Como, and now a collective exhibition at Macro in Rome. Continue>>
Spencer Tunick in Santiago (Chile)
The photographer strips bare the myth of a divided country, one that was the son of opus dei until recently. Almost four thousand people, all naked, met up at dawn on June 30 in the Forest Part in Santiago. The temperature was below 5 degrees Celsius… Continue>>
History of Art
Arte Ottoniana intorno all'anno mille
(Jaca Book 2002)

After the dark ages a new light brightens up Europe's horizon: gold, ivory and Ottonian miniatures are also the symbol of a Cultural and Political Renaissance. Liana Castelfranchi Vegas focuses her attention on this particular historic period, which has always been neglected by studies in this area... Continue>>

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