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Il Ninfeo degli Specchi torna alla luce, con zampilli e scherzi d'acqua
Ecco il nuovo motore di ricerca per chi non ricorda i titoli dei film
Un manifesto per l’arte attiva. Al MAXXI, la prima bozza di Art Thinking
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The forms of sound
An interview with Michelangelo Lupone
By Lorella Scacco

From June 3rd to 9th, the Goethe Institute hosted the Music and Science cultural review. This year's edition was presented in a new artistic format which focused on the perception of sound and on ways of listening. The CRM (Center for Musical Research) has been studying the cognitive and physical mechanisms involved in listening for some years but only recently has it included research into psycho-acoustics and emotional factors which are produced by the forms of sound emission ('spatialization') and by the ambience where the listening takes place. Continue>>
Until 30.IX.2002
Andrea Malizia
Roma, Roberto Giustini Gallery

Close-ups: thirteen personal works by the young artist who has made detail his own personal mission. An exhibition Andrea Malizia's personal collection opened today in Rome at the Roberto Giustini Gallery. Continue>>
Bologna, artist Flavio Favelli puts himself in the window.
. Continue>>
In Siracusa an exhibit-event about contact. And the curators become a collective...
. Continue>>
Until 31.8.2002
Eric Wesley
Turin, Franco Noero Gallery

‘Ouchi’ is the name of a fictional explosives manufacturing company, invented by Eric Wesley. The idea is laid out in the exhibition using a series of installations and sculptures including to a real assembly line for the production of explosives… Continue>>
Until 30.6.2002
I Colori del Lusso (The Colours of Luxury)- Shawls from Kashmir in Genoa
Genova, Museo di Sant'Agostino

An exhibition of antique shawls from Kashmir at the Sant'Agostino Museum: from a country with a torrid history currently in the headlines, an exhibition of art largely unknown to the public, but truly extraordinary... Continue>>
The network of power

An interactive map reveals the power connections between the major international corporations. An efficient Flash interface realised by the American Josh On, from the Futurefarmers group, guides us through the big shots’ armchairs, exploiting the collaboration possibilities provided by a dynamic information nexus. Continue>>
Lesson on Leonardo’s Last Supper
(nuovi mondi 2001)

A fascinating lesson of an important maestro such as Dario Fo on one of the most loved Italian art masterpieces. A word of advice: watch the video and flip through the book with other people, and don’t forget pen and paper, because you will want to discuss, write and draw yourself. Continue>>
Happening in Cagliari, Future Imperfect at the Man Ray centre
. Continue>>
Milan, Care/of transfers to Steam Factory
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Issue number 53 - May/June 2002

on the cover: Dara Friedman and the creative violence of her video Bib Bam, one of the many featured at ArtBasel. On the inside are numerous articles that span from Fluxus to Dadaism and take an attentive look at the young art in the capitals of contemporary art... Continue>>
Contemporary art in Tuscany, a publishing of the Regional Government which includes 71 places!
. Continue>>
The exhibition in Kassel is the fifth and last ‘platform’ of Documenta 11, which explore the questions on “cultural, social and political frictions, transitions and transformations, institutional cracks and consolidations” which affect modern society, and consequently, even contemporary art. A brief analysis on the vast use of these ‘texts’ in the German exhibition. Continue>>
Morbidness, eroticism, neurosis, routine…
When an erotic stimulation becomes persistent and isn’t satisfied, a pathology that makes us slave of a desire arises. Stefano Tolio, also known as Nark Bkb, investigated on this, presenting four parts of his new project in Brescia… Continue>>
Until the 8th September 2002
Andy Warhol – Graphic works
Cagliari, ExMà

Discussed and criticised for his eccentricity, this character actually denied art and became an American myth, an icon of his own self. This is Andy Warhol… Continue>>

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