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forum attiviOPPORTUNITART[dead 30.VI.2009] ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS (tenerife)
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[dead 30.VI.2009] ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS (tenerife)
Vi consigliamo di non perdere nemmeno questa opportunità che vi offrono i due direttori Montse Arbelo and Joseba Franco di ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS.

Si tratta di un Meeting Internazionale dedicato a tutti i settori dell'arte, della cultura digitale e alle idee che ci permetteranno di progettare il futuro dell'innovazione tecnologica.

Il bando è aperto fino al 30 giugno 2009 per presentare proposte su:
- Arte-Scienza-Innovazione: Digitals Communities, Storytelling, Geoespacial, Artificial Life, Software Art, Transgenic Art, Generative Art, Videogamess, Robotic, Open Source, Animation, Net-art, Blog, Videoblog, Creation for mobile platforms- Videodance.
vai al form di registrazione: art_science_innovation>

-Internacional Digital Experimental Cinema Festival ESPACIO ENTER.
DIGITAL IMAGE: Film- Webfilm-3D_Cinema- Short Film- Animation- 60seg
vai al form di registrazione: internacional_digital_cinema_experimental>

-STAGE call: Performance- Theatre new media- Dance new media- Fashion Innovations- Web development 2.0, 3.0- Others
vai al form di registrazione: Stage_call>

-ADVANCE MUSIC call: DJ´S- Wj´S- Electronic Music- Experimental Music- Live Visual Sessions- Streaming Music- Experimental Sound Sessions
vai al form di registrazione: Advance_Music_call>

Ecco le informazioni:
Date: dal 22 al 27 settembre
Luoghi: Tenerife. Canary Island;
Headquaters: TEA, Espacio de las Artes and Auditorio de Tenerife;
Direttori: Montse Arbelo and Joseba Franco;
Organizzazione: ART TECH MEDIA.

English Version

Newsletter 05.21.2009
International Calls:
Cool Tools
Espacio Enter Canarias

In this newsletter we propose two initiatives which you shouldn’t miss. The first comes from a long-standing of Share Festival, Bruce Sterling, while the other concerns a project by Montse Arbelo and Joseba Franco, of which Piemonte Share is a partner.

A few weeks ago it was announced that Kevin Kelly had chosen Bruce Sterling to be the new editor of COOL TOOLS, from more than 220 candidates. Congratulations Bruce!

COOL TOOLS is a website in which people praise their favourite gadgets, books, software, videos, maps, and websites. The site's owner is Kevin Kelly, former editor-in-chief of WIRED magazine in San Francisco. The fantastic site is full of useful and interesting things: www.kk.org/cooltools <http://www.kk.org/cooltools>.

But Bruce recognized immediately there's a problem with COOL TOOLS. So he sent us a letter to pass on to our audience.
Here it is:

There is, however, one major problem with it. COOL TOOLS is too Californian. Almost everything in COOL TOOLS is aimed at an American technical audience, and when one considers the daily life of most Americans, the situation is tragic.

Europeans, or rather Italians, should obviously be teaching Americans, or rather Californians, how civilized people live.

So all you Italians out there, tell us what you love! We want to know about YOUR tools. We can translate your words into English, and voice your opinion on your favourite objects to thousands of people. You will be part of a noble mission to civilize Californians, who still don’t understand how to dress, walk, dance, or eat properly. They can read a little bit though, so there is still some hope for them.

Thank you for your participation! -- Bruce Sterling
bsterling@wired.it <mailto:bsterling@wired.it>


We also suggest you don’t miss the opportunity offered to you by the directors of ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS, Montse Arbelo and Joseba Franco.

ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS is an International Meeting for all sectors related to art and digital culture, dedicated to ideas that will allow us to design the future of technological innovation.

The aim of the initiative is to strengthen links between Art, Science, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise in order to construct a Knowledge Society for all citizens.

Calls are open until 30th June 2009:
-Art-Science-Innovation: Digitals Communities - Storytelling geoespacial - Artificial Life - Software Art- Transgenic Art- Generative Art- Videogames- Robotic- Open Source - 2D & 3D Animation – Videocreation - Net-art - Blogs, Video-blogs - Creation of mobile platforms- Videodance.
For the registration form go to: art_science_innovation>

-International Digital Experimental Cinema Festival ESPACIO ENTER.
DIGITAL IMAGE: Film – Webfilms -3D_Cinema - Short Films – Animation - 60seg
For the registration form go to: international_digital_cinema_experimental>

-STAGE call: Performance - Theatre new media - Dance new media - Fashion Innovations - Web development 2.0, 3.0 - Others
For the registration form go to: Stage_call>

-ADVANCE MUSIC call: DJ´S- Wj´S- Electronic Music- Experimental Music- Live Visual Sessions- Streaming Music- Experimental Sound Sessions
For the registration form go to: Advance_Music_call>

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