4th International Performance Art Weekend 3091 utenti online in questo momento
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Il segreto di Stonehenge? Secondo un recente studio, era il lardo
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arte contemporanea, collettiva LUISA CATUCCI GALLERY ​ Allerstrasse 38 Berlin 10117

Berlin - dal 26 al 28 maggio 2017

4th International Performance Art Weekend

4th International Performance Art Weekend

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Allerstrasse 38 (10117)
+39 +49 (0)17620404636
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International artists create a two-day high-energy event with an international context by presenting their work in an hourly schedule throughout the weekend.
orario: 10 - 18
(possono variare, verificare sempre via telefono)
biglietti: free admittance
vernissage: 26 maggio 2017. h 18
autori: Hector Canonge, Francesco Kiàis, Marta Lodola, Nicolina Stylianou
genere: performance - happening, collettiva

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The actions follow creating a connection between the public open space of the Schillerkiez with the private indoor space of Luisa Catucci Gallery.
Performers and viewers will be taking the inside to the outside and the outside to the inside.
The power of momentary impulses and the power of intervention with space and time, and the encompassing mix of genres and disciplines create the action weekend to become an unforeseeable overall picture of Performances where the threshold of categories merges.
Material and conceptual structures are absent and the viewers meet with their own interpretative freedom.
A world within a world where one main characteristic dominates: the transformation of ideas, redirecting the expectation level for completeness into an permissiveness for surprise. 
Artists and viewers alike experience the amenable possibilities of dis-categorization between performing art and fine art.
Artist next to Artist and its non-stopping continuity of actions and movement through spaces, gallery and most of all public, unexpected urban environments of Neukölln’s everyday life situations. 
Pavements transform into exciting, temporary platforms for feet and heads and the pedestrian’s stride is being interrupted.
The idea that the limitations of private and public are being met and may be are distorted, at that threshold open the borders of countries and foreign cultures, the moment when artists of different nationalities engage on Cell63 as a unique, international experienced art platform.
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