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Li Jing said dejectedly, “At the beginning, most of the people in the Tiance Mansion didn’t think much of you because the King of Qin thought so highly of you. But facts have constantly proved that the King of Qin was right about you. So you have become the most cautious people in the Tiance Mansion. You know that once you get a foothold, you will become the most terrible enemy.”. Xu Ziling said with a wry smile, “They don’t have to count me in, do they?” “They don’t know about your relationship with Kou Zhong,” said Li Jing, “but what if they do? Who is not afraid that if you only kill Kou Zhong, you will retaliate in the future! Now, both inside and outside the court, you two have been regarded as the most outstanding masters in these generations after Ning Dodge and Song Que. Given time, it will be even worse. “We’ve been praised too highly,” said Xu Ziling in astonishment. The carriage stopped in front of the city gate. Li Jing’s eyes were filled with deep emotion. His eyes were red. He said sadly, “I have lost a good sister. I don’t want to lose two good brothers any more. It’s even more sad to think that I will fight against each other in the future. I hope that day will never come. Take care of Ziling.” Holding back the hero’s tears, he got out of the car and went out of the city by horse. www/xiaoshuotxt/c o m [Volume 35] Chapter 9 Man-made Money Death T, xt, small, say day, Tang Zhang Jieyu was in a bad mood today. Li yuanben promised to take her and Yin Defei to the Zhongnan Palace, but he changed his mind this morning and ordered the two concubines to stay in Chang’an. Before seeing Zhang Jieyu, Grandfather Zheng repeatedly warned Kou Zhong that if it was not necessary,304 stainless steel wire, he had better go to the palace another day to see him. More hinted that if not for the sake of Kou Zhong, never willing to pass Fu. Otherwise, once Zhang Jieyu vented her anger on him, Grandfather Zheng would have bad luck. When Kou Zhong heard what he said so seriously, he also wanted to back out. However, remembering what Chang He said, “One word from Zhang Jieyu is worth ten words from Li Jiancheng,” he had to bite the bullet and go to see Zhang Jieyu,304 Stainless Steel Bar, because it was a small matter for Grandfather Zheng to vent his anger on Chang He and the Sha family. On balance, you have to take the risk anyway. After waiting for a while, Grandfather Zheng came to the outer hall and said, “Madam really looks at you differently. Knowing that you are here, I put everything aside for the time being. I want to see you first.” Kou Zhong wanted to ask what Zhang Jieyu had thrown away? But knowing that such a question was incompatible with courtesy, he had no choice but to beat around the Bush and say, “Are you calm, madam?” Grandfather Zheng said in fear, “She just broke a big vase given to her by the emperor, and no one is allowed to clean it up. Do you think she’s calm?” Kou Zhong almost turned around to go, but since it had been passed on, she became a tiger, thinking that in this case she would leave Chang’an, what reaction could she have? “Come on, brushed stainless steel sheet ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe,” said Grandfather Zheng! Don’t keep Madame waiting. Kou Zhong had only six words in his mind, “You can’t live if you have done evil to yourself.” He entered the inner courtyard with his scalp tingling. The study where Zhang Jieyu received him was obviously not the place where she threw things to vent her anger. The floor was clean, and the servants waiting around were all frightened and stood in silence. The only thing she dared to look at was the floor. Zhang Jieyu sat angrily in the armchair and nodded reluctantly to Kou Zhong. “Please sit down, sir,” she said coldly. Kou Zhongkong was eloquent, but in this case he dared not even breathe through the atmosphere and sat down opposite her obediently. Zhang Jieyu looked out of the window and suddenly sighed. Her voice turned soft. “Didn’t you go to Zhongnan Mountain with the emperor, sir?” She said in a tone that was still stiff and cold. Kou Zhong almost blurted out and said, “Empress Zhang is here, how dare the little man stay away?” Fortunately, he had to shake his head when he thought that after saying these two beautiful flattery words, how could he say goodbye again. Zhang Jieyu frowned and said coldly, “What’s the matter with you, sir?” Xuan felt that he had a heavy tone to the savior and said apologetically, “Sir, don’t take it amiss. I’m in a bad mood.” Kou Zhong said with a wry smile, “Just because I saw that your ladyship was in a bad mood today and had something to report, I was too frightened to speak.” Zhang Jieyu was slightly startled, and her eyes moved to Grandfather Zheng, who immediately lowered his eyes. “Get out of here, all of you,” said Zhang Jieyu. “I want to talk to you alone.” Zheng father-in-law and so on can leave here, do not know how grateful Kou Zhong’s belt, busy as birds and beasts scattered. There were only two people left in the room. Zhang Jieyu left her seat and put one hand on the table. She said angrily, “Mr. Mo, you come to judge for others. What is that Concubine Dong? The emperor has given up me and Concubine Yin De to take her to the south alone, regardless of rank. There is such an unfair and unreasonable thing in the world.” Kou Zhong was dumbfounded and realized that this was the case. However, although Zhang Jieyu showed her shrewish side, she was still very beautiful, and she had a charming and charming look. Do not ask to know, Li yuan to leave the two favorite imperial concubines in the palace, is for their safety, let Dong Shuni go together, most likely because of insight into her relationship with Yang Xuyan. As for whether this is the case, Li yuan himself will know. The more Zhang Jieyu spoke, the more angry she became. Her eyes were flushed. The wolf said, “The King of Qin brought this fox spirit back from Luoyang. Yin Defei and I guessed that he was restless and well-intentioned. He wanted to confuse the emperor. It’s really too hateful!” Kou was afraid that she would start to cry, which would make it even more difficult to deal with. How could he say goodbye? “Please calm down, empress,” he said hurriedly. “I have another opinion.” “What do you think?” Exclaimed Chang Chieh-yu. Kou Zhong rambled, “The little man just entered the palace and met the emperor on the way. At that time, the prince was still there. The little man said he wanted to go to the palace to see his wife. The emperor showed great concern for his wife and told the little man to take good care of his wife, as evidenced by his prince.” Although he deliberately exaggerated, he was sure that Li Jiancheng would not expose him. Zhang Jieyu was most afraid of falling out of favor. Hearing this, she said doubtfully, “The emperor really still cares about me. Then why didn’t he come to say goodbye to me?” Kou Zhong was now almost certain that Zhang Jieyu was not an undercover agent of the Yin Gui Sect, because her jealousy and complaints were all from the bottom of her heart and were not false. He said with emphasis, “If the villain is not wrong,304 Stainless Steel Coil, the emperor is afraid that he will be reluctant to leave after seeing his wife, or that he can’t help taking his wife to Zhongnan. As for the reason, it is not known to the villain.” 。 sxthsteel.com