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How do you know? Sister Yue, don’t be fooled by this boy’s appearance. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a beast in human skin. Zhao Ya said angrily. Ye Qian could not help a wry smile, saying that he is a wolf is true, but it seems too much to say that he is a beast. No matter how good Ye Qian’s temper was, he was inevitably a little angry. He glared at Zhao Ya and said, “Do you think I want to?”? You’ve been like a dead fish all night. You don’t smell at all. You.. You Purr Zhao Ya could not keep the grievance in her heart and began to cry loudly. Ye Qian could not help but be stupefied for a moment, recalling what he had just said was a bit too much, he thought Zhao Ya was very strong, would not cry, this is good, the horn sounded, Ye Qian immediately at a loss. Hu Ke busy in the side of the whisper to comfort Zhao Ya, this girl is also a ghost, of course, have long known that nothing happened last night. Qin Yue gouged Ye Qian one eye, apparently a little blame Ye Qian’s tone is too heavy, after all, Zhao Ya in her eyes is just a little girl who doesn’t know anything, and spoiled from childhood, so she raised the temper of a young lady; but Zhao Ya’s nature is not bad,disc air diffuser, is a kind girl. Ye Qian also felt a little guilty. He laughed twice and approached Zhao Ya and said, “Good Ya’er, good Ya’er, don’t cry. If you cry again, you will become a big cat.” As he spoke, he made a face. If those who knew Ye Qian’s identity saw this scene, they would be shocked and unable to shut their mouths. Ye Qian,disc air diffuser, the Wolf King, the soul figure of the Wolf Tooth Mercenaries, made a face at a little girl. Little _ Say _ txt Heaven Chapter 098 no news. “You are the big cat!” Seeing Ye Qian’s mischievous appearance, Zhao Ya couldn’t help crying and laughing, gouged out Ye Qian’s eyes and said angrily. In fact, she is not a fool, just now only a moment of excitement will misunderstand what Ye Qian did to himself, just now she also thought about it, but also understand that Ye Qian really did nothing. You You I don’t know when Qin Feng stood in the doorway, looking at the people in the house with a stunned face. In his eyes, his sister is a stone girl who never knows how to have fun, doesn’t know how to flirt with boys, and always looks cold. Now he sees her lying in bed with a man. What surprises him even more is that not only Qin Yue and Ye Qian, but also Zhao Ya and Hu Ke are involved in it. Is this the legendary 4p? Who told you to come in without knocking? Get out Qin Yue stared at Qin Feng and drank. Although Ye Qian did not do anything rude to himself and Zhao Ya and Hu Ke, MBR reactor ,Mechanical fine screen, outsiders would not think so. Seeing that he was caught by Qin Feng’s “cheating” handle, Qin Yue’s tone was inevitably a little heavy. Qin Feng stuck out his tongue and ran away hurriedly. When he left, he quietly raised his thumb to Ye Qian. The meaning in his eyes was clearly to say, “Brother, you are a cow!” Just then, Ye Qian’s cell phone rang. Slightly stupefied, Ye Qian smiled at the girls and said, “I’ll go out and answer the phone.” With that, he took the opportunity to slip out with his cell phone. He didn’t dare to stay any longer. Who knows if there will be any unexpected situation later. This phone call is simply a life-saving call. After connecting the phone, Ye Qian was inevitably a little excited and said, “Who is it?” “Boss, something happened to Tianchen!” Jack’s muffled voice came from the opposite side. Ye Qian’s whole person suddenly calmed down, the smile on his face suddenly converged, in exchange for a furrowed brow, sharp as a knife in the eyes. After a moment’s silence, Ye Qian said, “Wait for me in the office. I’ll be right there.” With that, Ye Qian hung up the phone. What’s going on? Is there something wrong? I do not know when, Qin Yue came behind Ye Qian and asked with concern. Qin Yue, I may be away for a while. You Ye Qian said very seriously. Before Ye Qian had finished speaking, Qin Yue interrupted him and said, “I will protect them and myself. Don’t worry.” She had never seen Ye Qian’s serious expression like today, so she knew very well that something big must have happened, and at this time Ye Qian’s heart was still worried about herself, she had to be moved. Although the name of the wolf tooth shocked the night Lily killer, but Ye Qian is not very sure that the person who hired the night Lily is not there are other means, and night Lily may not really be frightened by their own, nothing to do. Too many unknown, let Ye Qian have to worry about the safety of Qin Yue. And Zhao Ya is not necessarily very safe. They have not done anything to harm the nature, so that people do not kill them hard to eliminate the hatred of the heart, they are just victims of their respective family struggles. Although the wolf tooth people did not all gather in sh city, but also to a few, and Jack also want to stay in sh city to deal with the security company to prepare things, so Ye Qian decided to let him secretly pay more attention to them, should not be too big a problem. After changing his clothes, Ye Qian went out and called a taxi and drove straight to the temporary office of Haotian Group. Li Wei and Jack were already waiting inside when they entered the office specially prepared by Hao Tian Group for Wolf Tooth, as well as James and William, two retired staff sergeants of the former M Navy SEALs who were also members of Wolf Tooth. Ye Qian went in without saying a word. After sitting down in his seat, he took one look at Jack and said, “Where is the dust?” “Burma (MD)!”! A few days ago, Tianchen went there to carry out a mission. At the beginning, there was a phone call, but now at the appointed time, Tianchen did not come back, even the phone call did not come back. So,Rotating sludge scraper, I think there must be something wrong with the sky dust. Said Jack. What mission? Ye Qian asked. One of the local armed guerrillas hired us to carry out a joint attack on another armed guerrilla. The number of the two armed guerrillas was not large, only about a thousand people, so I let Tianchen take more than a dozen brothers there. Replied Jack. Can you use global positioning satellite to lock the location of the sky dust? Ye Qian continued to ask. khnwatertreatment.com