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“Close your eyes?” Sasuke muttered in a low voice and walked slowly to the front of the knife array. He closed his eyes gently, took a step forward with his left foot, and then the whole person suddenly brushed between the two blades in an untraceable flash. At this time, a knife in front of him was brought up by the wind and rushed to his face. Although Sasuke did not open his eyes, he seemed to see it exactly. He stepped back sideways, slowly stepping on his feet all the time, and the blade slipped against the tip of his nose. Without stopping, Sasuke cut his right foot, closed his eyes with a tremor, and lowered his body to flash down the blade. So Sasuke walked through the whole knife array at a seemingly slow but fast speed, and finally he was only cut by the blade in the back! Close your eyes! Yes! That’s what it feels like! Sasuke opened his eyes and gave me a happy look, which I returned with a smile. Sasuke’s experience is still very deep, know how to understand my idea. Ningci is a little surprised, do not have to look down upon, can also do so, I am afraid it is not easy. Silently grasped the fist, also came to the front of the knife array, gently closed his eyes. When everyone finished this training, I suddenly found that the best one was not Sasuke or Ningji, but Ino! Their family’s secret art is to study the soul, and his training in this area since childhood has made his spiritual sense quite high, and it is easiest to grasp the feeling of being integrated into the surrounding environment. Konoha is a genius everywhere! I was about to praise Ino, but suddenly a little bird flew over and chirped at me. I am stupefied,Magnesium Oxide powder, this moment, what thing can the old man look for me to have? Tell everyone to continue to enter the knife array to find the feeling, until this feeling can exist at any time, I came to the office of three generations of old men with doubts. There are eight people in the office, three generations, and seven people of the Hijikata clan. The most striking thing is the pair of supercilious eyes, which people can’t ignore. I looked around and said to the man next to the third generation, “What’s the matter, Mr. Rizu? It doesn’t seem to be a big deal today. Besides,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, the third generation old man, why did you call me here again?” The sunflower looked at the third generation. The third generation nodded and said, “Hitomi, the sunflower clan has a request!” “Request?” I glanced at all the people around me and sneered, “Is there such a request?”? Three generations, this is the first time I’ve seen this in your office! The third generation smiled helplessly, but what surprised me most was what Sunflower had done. He came up to me, knelt down, bent over and pleaded, “Please pass it to our Hijikata clan!”! Thank you for your trouble! Chapter One Hundred History of Soft Boxing Now it was my turn to react. The sun gave me such a big gift in front of so many people, and the tone represented the whole Hijikata clan. Are you kidding? When did the Hijikata clan become so friendly to the Uchiha people? As the two strongest clans in Konoha, it’s good not to be hostile, and I’ve never heard of any friendly news. Besides, I haven’t figured out what Sunflower Foot is talking about and what to pass on to them. Looking at my confused expression, the third generation opened his mouth: “Hitomi, you have been training the six people recently, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, haven’t you? Have you created a very special body art called Tai Chi?” Now I understand it all, because of Tai Chi! Only Tai Chi can make the Hijikata clan have such a big reaction, even in the face of me, the descendants of the Uchiha clan! Still bending down, Rizu said, “In the genealogy of our Rixiang clan, there is a record of the origin of the soft boxing of our Rixiang clan. It is said that in the Warring States Period, our ancestors got an incomplete volume, which recorded the idea of soft boxing. The main essence is something called Tao, which is the mutual promotion and restriction of Yin and Yang.”. Soft boxing is developed on the basis of this idea, but soft boxing only gets its essence, its main idea, and the style is insufficient, which seems to contain the truth but lack of power, and the routine is incomplete. Yesterday, when I saw Ningji’s training at home, the unique moves he used, as well as the main points of the sticky belt, I found that what we lack in the soft boxing of the Hijikata clan is this body skill called Taijiquan! I thought about it all night, and it was exactly the same as the principle of Tao recorded in the genealogy, and it was born for it. I asked someone to inquire about it, and only then did I know that you were teaching Ningji Taijiquan, which can be called a masterpiece. Therefore, on behalf of the Japanese clan, I implore you to pass it on to us, and, in addition to the few people you are teaching now, can you stop passing it out? After all, you know, this is a matter of life and death for our Hijikata family! For the sake of Konoha, please promise, as long as you can do it, we can promise at any price! Perhaps seeing that what Hijikata said was too outrageous, the third generation put in at the right time and said, “Hitomi, this kind of body skill of Tai Chi has never been seen before, but it is a very important body skill for the Hijikata clan. Would you consider their request?”. //” I sneered in my heart: The Hijikata clan can’t sit still now. The people in power in their family all know a lot of soft boxing. As long as they have been immersed in soft boxing for about ten years, they can recognize at a glance what Tai Chi means to soft boxing! It can be said that soft boxing only shows the outline of the road, while Taiji completely depicts the specific image of the road, so that soft boxing becomes not only relying on the blood limit of white eyes, but also an enhanced version! The Hijikata clan will never sit back and watch Taijiquan spread, otherwise, Konoha’s status as the largest clan will become a joke. In addition, Tai Chi is equivalent to perfecting the rules of soft boxing, the strength of the Hijikata clan will have an unimaginable improvement, such an opportunity, no one will let it go, even if it takes any price! I smiled and asked, “If I don’t agree, are the Hijikata people going to kill me?” As soon as the words came out, the powerless atmosphere was suddenly not very harmonious,Magnesium Oxide price, but no one moved. The third generation probably felt that this made the atmosphere too awkward, and immediately shook his head: “Hitomi, do you think I would do this?” 。