The fate of the Three Kingdoms

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The fate of the Three Kingdoms


As expected, Quan was taken in by Gongsun yuan. When his envoys Zhang Mi and Xu Yan arrived in Liaodong, they were killed by Gongsun yuan. Gongsun yuan defected to Cao Wei again, and the State of Wei worshipped Gongsun yuan as fu and granted him the title of Duke of Lelang. After receiving the news, Quan was furious: “I have lived for more than fifty years, but I haven’t been cheated by such a person. If I don’t kill this rat, what face do I have to sit in the position of emperor?”! I must kill this little man myself to relieve my hatred. Then he sent his troops to attack Liaodong. Tracing the cause is written to block, Chen said Jiangdong from GongSunyuan Liaodong is too far, the battle of the seesaw battlefield is too far, is not conducive to the supply of hay. There is really no need to attack. Gu Yong and Bu Kui also wrote one after another, hoping to give up the idea. I was eight months pregnant, and I couldn’t go with him at all, but I was really uneasy at home alone, and he saw what I was thinking, so he didn’t start this fruitless war. When Zhang Zhao heard about it, he was so angry that he said he was ill and would not go to court again. If Zhang Zhao didn’t come to court again, Sun Quan was very angry when he heard about it. He was going to rush to Zhang Zhao’s house. I was afraid that something would happen to him on impulse, so I called Sisi and followed him with a big belly. Madam, you are not in good health now, so don’t go. Sisi stood in the doorway, blocking my way. Get out of the way. If you go late,juice filling machine, you may have an accident. I pushed her. “Go and find me a carriage.” Sisi saw that I was really anxious and ran out quickly. When we arrived outside Zhang Zhao’s mansion in a carriage, we heard Quan standing at the door and shouting to the guards, “Somebody, build Zhang Zhao’s door with earth!” I think what he did really made Zhang Zhao look ugly, and also made himself look ugly. You can’t keep the door sealed and keep him from coming out. I hastened out of the car to persuade him. When he saw me coming, he said anxiously, “Why are you here,CSD filling line, Sisi? How do you serve your wife?” Sisi immediately knelt down. I hurriedly defended her: “Don’t blame her. I insisted on coming. How could you be so angry?” He held me in one hand and my waist in the other. “Zhang Zibu is so hateful that he dares to disobey my will. I must give him some color to see today!” “You can’t do that either. What if it burns and someone dies?” I was very worried. I was afraid of everything since I got pregnant. I was often surprised and made a fuss. Before Quan could speak, he heard Zhang Zhao inside speaking to his family. Not to be outdone, he said, “Build a wall in the yard and seal the door.” The two men seemed to be carrying it, and neither of them was willing to regress. The sun was scorching, and Quan and I were exposed to the sun outside. Thinking of my body, Quan asked me to wait in the carriage. I waited obediently for them to solve the problem. Right to wait for a while, see Zhang Zhao does not come out, also have no way, shout outside, inside but no one to answer. Quan called the bodyguard in anger: “Set fire to him and smoke him out!” Just listen to Zhang Zhao inside also asked people to close the door more tightly, as if to fight with the right all the time. After a morning of stalemate, I advised him not to fight any more, and he was In anger where willing to listen to me, but he still did not completely lose his mind, Beverage packing machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, looking at him in a hurry, I am also very anxious, in the end, there is no way, can only give up, “come, put out the fire!” The bodyguard put out the fire with water, and Quan stood at the door of Zhang Zhao’s house, all the time, ignoring everyone, just like a teacher who ordered him to stand. Yes, Zhang Zhao is like his teacher, often blame him, but every teacher’s starting point is good intentions, but not necessarily every student will accept. After a while, the door suddenly opened, and the servant carried Zhang Zhao out with a stretcher. There was just a trace of joy on Quan’s face. Zhang Zhao’s son, Zhang Xiu, hurried to smooth things over: “Your Majesty, forgive me. My father is ill and cannot go to court. I hope you will forgive me.” Zhang Zhao did not say a word. The right is also under the steps, “since all come out, then with me into the palace to discuss some things.” Zhang Zhao also pushed the boat along and followed Quan into the palace. This is finally good. But I heard that after entering the palace. Quan still made a profound review. Speaking of the misjudgment of this matter, Zhang Zhao also patiently talked about the future development for the right. Sisi and I were sewing clothes for the child who was about to be born in the room. My craftsmanship was not generally bad. Sisi laughed at me that this was not a dress for the child. It was just a face pocket. When I was angry, I went on strike and let her do it by herself. She pouted and sewed by herself. When I was bored, I still took the cloth and made a pillow for Quan, which was embroidered with eight big characters: cushion your back and support you. I’m going to give Kwon a surprise. Zhuang Sheng Xiao Meng Fan Butterfly “Ah..” I cried out and woke up from the nightmare. What’s the matter? Kwon heard my cry and woke up. Sweating profusely, I wiped my forehead, “I had a nightmare, so scary..” Reach out to embrace the right, recently the belly is getting bigger and bigger, the movement is more and more inconvenient, when sleeping at night can only lie flat or side, can not often move, it is really hard. Don’t be afraid. I’m here. It’s all right. Kwon soothed my heart and then chatted with me, “What did you dream about?” I dreamed that I became a butterfly, flying beside you, and you wanted to keep me in the palm of your hand, but I couldn’t land.. It can only go with the wind. I said the dream little by little. After hearing this, he said with emotion, “In the three years after you left, I also dreamed of this dream, and every time I could only wake up crying, but now you really turned into a butterfly and flew back.” We really hit it off. Yeah, I flew back. Suddenly I felt a pain in my stomach. I didn’t know if I was going to give birth. I shouted. It really hurt. How could it be like this. Holding my miserable cry, Quan hurried out to call the servant to ask the doctor and the midwife. I didn’t dare to move on the bed. Quan came back and held my hand: “Don’t be afraid. The doctor will come soon.” Sisi also came: “Madam, what’s wrong with you?” I was too painful to speak and kept shaking my head. In the middle of the night,bottle blowing machine, the doctor and the midwife came in a hurry to ask for my pulse. Then they calmly said to Quan, “Madam, it’s just a test. The month is not enough. It’s not the time to give birth.” 。