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arte contemporanea, collettiva MYDAY-BYDAY ​ Via Luca Della Robbia 76 Roma 00153

Roma - dal 25 al 27 ottobre 2016

Shenhav Offer Russo

Shenhav Offer Russo

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Via Luca Della Robbia 76 (00153)
+39 , +39 (fax), +39
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La produzione di gioielli è per Shenhav Russo l'arte di combinare le sensazioni di una persona con i materiali e lasciare che la magia accade quando i due si incontrano
orario: da mercoledì a giovedi dalle 11 alle 13 e dalle 16 alle 19,30
(possono variare, verificare sempre via telefono)
biglietti: free admittance
vernissage: 25 ottobre 2016. ore 17,30
curatori: Laura Helena Aureli
autori: Shenhav Offer Russo
genere: arte contemporanea, personale, arti decorative e industriali

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My inspiration comes from the world. I was born in Africa, In Cote d’Ivoire, or Ivory Coast. It is where I got my name )Shenhav is the Hebrew word for ivory) and also where I was first inspired by life and its natural beauty and abundance. Growing up, my family moved around a lot, with my father’s job taking us to some of the most exotic and contrasted corners of the globe. My childhood was extended across several continents, and I received my education in Africa, Germany, Israel and Iran.

What may have been considered an unnatural upbringing has always seemed ever so natural to me. Besides for an increased curiosity and sense of exploration that is forever ingrained within my core, I have been blessed with a worldly perspective and an ability to communicate with so many different people in each of their native tongues.
My design style comes from within. I am intrigued by the material and work with it to find a shape and form that will best express its essence. I love to work with contrasts and create inner drama and emotion in every unique piece. Designing with a fine material such as gold brings out my sense of perfectionism and grace, while each raw stone adds a natural value that balances out the golden tone.
I work with the material and let it lead me to where I am going.
Sometimes this journey is longer than others, but I am always confident that in the end I will reach the right destination.
For me, the craft of making jewelry is about combining a living person with a still material and letting the magic happen where they meet. I believe that when the two are joined something new and festive occurs.
The piece takes on the shape and scent of the woman and ultimately, becomes a part of who she is.
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