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Then, holding up the gold hairpin, he bowed his legs akimbo and looked up to the sky and laughed wildly. Those were his years of freedom, his dream of being free from anyone! A faint voice came from behind him: “Is this the girls’ dormitory?” Li Xuan looked back and saw a tall woman standing quietly at the door of the room. She was dressed in a strong suit, which completely outlined her slim figure. If the expression on her face was not too cold, she would be a great beauty. She seemed to be a foreign woman, not with long hair, only more than an inch long, with a thin gold ring on her forehead, and her hair stood up and bloomed at will. It makes her look more handsome than beautiful. Li Xuan nodded and said, “Yes, it’s a women’s dormitory.” When the woman was sure, she bent over to pick up the huge package on the ground, carried it easily in her hand, and walked to the house. After Li Xuan, her voice sounded again: “In that case, then why are you this smelly man here?” Li Xuan was furious, and before he could speak, a cold wind came to his face. He felt a fist hit him hard, and then he got a heavy kick and kicked him out of the house. Li Xuan threw a dog to gnaw the arrow, curses loudly: “You.” How dare you hit me? Listen to that woman’s cold voice: “Remember, my name is Shi Zi Ning, from today on,pump tube, I am the eldest sister here!” ” Big sister? Li Xuan was stunned, and Long Weier in the room couldn’t help laughing out. It seems that the wicked still want the wicked to grind. This punch and kick almost broke Li Xuan’s bones and muscles, so that even if he wanted to retaliate, he had no ability. Li Xuan swallowed his pride and said, “You wait!” Had to hate to go. From then on, the colorful and fantastic life in Moyun Academy really began. www-xiaoshuotxt-c o m The ninth chapter, a cluster of peach blossoms without owner (/t/xt | Xiao/Shuo Tian | Tang) Li Xuan walked back gloomily. He is really very uncomfortable, very uncomfortable to be beaten by Shi Zi Ning, also very uncomfortable to be laughed by Long Weier. He Li Xuan is what kind of person,plastic laminted tube, even Ziji old man, Xie Yunshi dare not despise, these two little women, unexpectedly take him as one thing? And let them remember that they will suffer in the future. Thinking of this, Li Xuan couldn’t help sneering. A thousand stratagems came out of his head, each of which could punish Shi Zi Ning severely. At that time, she should have known that martial arts and swordsmanship were not something to be proud of. Thinking of this, Li Xuan’s depressed face finally loosened a little, put on a smiling face again, and walked to his room. On the left side of Moyun Academy, there are two small courtyards next to each other. One courtyard is inhabited by girls such as Long Weier, called Fenglu, and the other courtyard is inhabited by boys such as Li Xuan, called Longwan. There is a row of cabins in each yard, and two people are allowed to live in each room. The college accepts 18 students every year, but the proportion of men and women is different every year. Therefore, plastic laminated tube ,polyfoil tube, there are 12 bungalows in Longqianfenglu, but the remaining rooms will be locked up according to the specific number of students each year. Li Xuan was the first to enter Moyun Academy, and naturally the first to choose a dormitory. He chose the room on the far side because he didn’t like to be disturbed. He can only disturb others, this is Li Xuan’s principle. Although the wooden house was not big, there were huge trees in front of and behind it, and the shade hung down, covering the whole roof, revealing only a small corner, which was very quiet. Without even thinking about it, Li Xuan threw another bed out of the house. He decided to monopolize the room. He also gave his room a very nice name, “too prison”. Where is the Academy here? It was like a prison, no freedom, no fun, he was like a chosen sacrifice, sooner or later it would be washed, peeled, cooked and stewed for heaven. He didn’t name it “prison”, and he was already very worthy of them. Tomorrow, he will carve a wooden sign and give the name to the house. He believed that the house would be happy, too, because it would soon have its own name. When people call it, they will no longer use “that house” which is exactly the same as others and has no respect at all, but use its unique dignity which is not plundered by others: “too prison”. That’s the same dignity as human beings. This house may cry happily. Li Xuan hummed a ditty and walked into the dragon’s sill. He suddenly found that he seemed to have gone to the wrong place, because the originally deserted place was full of people, at least five or six. An ugly and wretched and timid as a mouse, this guy Li Xuan recognized, is touched by his light to enter the Moyun Academy of Feng Changqing. Although saving him is a very proud thing, but Li Xuan does not want to have anything to do with him. The other four looked almost identical, and even the smiles on their faces were almost the same. It seemed that they were brothers of quadruplets. Brothers of quadruplets are rare, so Li Xuanduo looked at them a few times. Strangely, he always felt that there was another person, but he only saw these five people. Li Xuan carefully searched several times before he finally found a man in the corner. Had it not been for Li Xuan’s sharp eyes, which specialize in cross-eye, he would not have been found. This guy squatted there casually, as if he didn’t exist, and he didn’t even attract people’s attention. Li Xuan shook his head, and none of them looked up to him. He turned and walked to his cell. The four brothers stopped him with a smile. “Stay under your feet.” Li Xuan, stay. The four brothers, dressed in splendid clothes and jade crowns, were holding a white paper folding fan with elegant landscapes painted on it. These four people are very handsome, face such as crown jade, and with a kind of elegant gas, this should look very pleasing to the eye, but Li Xuan just feel some not pleasing to the eye. It’s not that he doesn’t like people who are elegant, but he doesn’t like people who use elegance as a sign. He always feels that elegance is a very internal thing, if it is placed on the surface, it is not elegance, it is simply vulgar. He, Lord Li Xuanli, has never been so superficial. The four brothers laughed and said, “From today on,custom cosmetic packaging, we are classmates.” Li Xuan nodded, yes, he is a classmate. emptycosmetictubes.com