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Shiwa shouted, “What are you doing? What is the ability of so many people to bully my brother? If you have the ability to fight with me, who will stand up?” As he spoke, he strode over with his sword, and the tiger’s eyes looked straight at Qi Dan, which made him shiver. Alice followed the stone tile with her sister on her arm, her crying red eyes staring at Singh all the time, looking nervous and worried. Just now she just wanted to be angry with Singh and play with the little girl’s temper. Unexpectedly, Singh was stopped by several people from Zidan on the way. He knew that Zidan, who was always narrow-minded and ambitious, would not let Singh go like this. He could not pull down to help Singh, so he had to go to find someone to help him. Qi Dan curled his lips and said a few words with a cold snort: “Stone, don’t think that you can bully our three brothers if you win the tournament. I tell you that we will get the place back sooner or later. It has nothing to do with you today. Don’t mind your own business.” Obviously, there is a lack of confidence. Singh pulled his brother behind him, walked up to Zidan and pressed his face word by word and said,fenugreek saponins, “Don’t pretend with me. What do you want to do? If you have the ability to draw a line, brother, take it!” People are asking for trouble by name. How can they let others stand out? They are saying that the first wife is watching, and we can’t pretend to be more like grandchildren. In Singh’s view, men can lose face, but they must not lose it in front of their women. Chapter 64 before the duel. “Singh,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, why do you agree to fight with him? Don’t look at Qi Dan’s dandy appearance. He is a swordsman in the late silver period. He also has a five-level blood eagle as a pet. Your brother is not necessarily his opponent. Why are you so impulsive?” Love to die small mouth like a machine gun said, eyebrow language reveals tension and worry, it seems that he cares about Singh oh. Singh smiled carelessly and put his arm casually on Alice’s shoulder and said with a lewd smile on his face, “First wife, so you care about me so much. I’m really touched. But you can rest assured that I will beat his head into a pig’s head.” Alice pouted and pretended to be angry and said, “Well, you’re so angry that I can’t control you. It’s like you’re sure to win a duel.” That little sample is really cute. First wife, what a romantic thing that two men are going to fight for you. Isn’t it worth celebrating. Hey hey, don’t worry about me, I’m sure I’ll take that gigolo down for you easily. Singh said with a cheeky smile. Isn’t it just a silver swordsman? Singh really didn’t look up to him. Even Kensei’s head was snapped by him. It was as easy as cutting vegetables. Elena looked at Singh’s confident appearance and shook her head gently. Then she looked at the stone tile and saw that he was silly and did not mean to persuade his brother. She felt a little strange in her heart, stesweet stevia ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, but then she seemed to understand something. “Well, don’t worry about your little husband. You’re not married yet. I don’t know what will happen if you marry him!” Elena took her sister’s hand and said jokingly with a smile, which made Alice blush. Shiwa couldn’t hold back and burst out laughing and said, “Don’t worry about my brother, you two sisters. I’ve never beaten him since I was a child, and I’ve been very miserable by him every time. You can rest assured that he loves that thing most. He said to the weak that it’s insidious to mix pigs and eat tigers.” Then he shook his head and smiled helplessly. There was no way to let him be fooled by his low IQ. He could not blame others, so it was normal to be bullied by Singh. Ok, today we will go out to eat a big meal, relax, don’t spoil everyone’s interest for that small white face, but I am very strong, you have to have confidence in me! Singh lifted his sleeve to show his thin arm to the crowd and said confidently. Back to the dormitory after dinner, Singh was surrounded again. This time, it was not because of the penis, but because of the duel. Everyone surrounded Singh to comfort him, one by one, as if Singh must have lost. Qi Dan for this competition can be said to be painstaking scheming, wantonly propaganda said to single out Shiwa’s younger brother, first give them two brothers some color to see, and then reported the competition to the school, said what friendship, unexpectedly made the whole school know. He just wants to make Singh never hold up his head at school. He can’t stay in this school. How poisonous his intentions are. It’s really bad. However, it is estimated that he must have made a mistake in his calculation this time, and it is not necessarily who can not raise his head. Zidane didn’t look up to Singh at all. He actually bet on the probability of one to ten. He also said that he was a hero, saying that he wanted to vent his anger for Alice, and that Singh was a little rogue who played hooligans. I really don’t understand how there could be such a shameless person as him. It’s too thick-skinned. Ha-ha, that’s great. I’ll make a profit again this time. I’ll win all his underpants. Singh said to himself excitedly, and then added, “Tell you all to buy me, and I’ll guarantee you a big win.” Then he laughed unscrupulously. Lai Rui rolled his eyes and said in a strange voice, “Cut, I won’t press you. You’re just comparing yourself with Qi Shao. Aren’t you overreaching yourself and asking for shame by hitting an egg against a stone?” This guy is holding a grudge. He’s really turning his elbow out. Hum, did you forget the pain after healing the scar? Be careful that I freeze it for you again. I’ll see who you’re looking for this time. If you’re talking to me in a strange way, I’ll tell you all about it and let everyone know about the hairless penis. Singh glared at Lai Rui and threatened with a smile. When Lai Rui heard Singh’s words, his face immediately changed color and he bowed and begged: “Boss,akba boswellic acid, I know I’m wrong. I’m wrong. I’m sure I’ll buy you to win. Don’t say anything about it. Even if I beg you, you can forgive me.” “The image of a genuine slave is really changeable.” Lai Rui, did you really win by buying Singh? Ryan put his hand and arm gently against Lai Rui and looked around and leaned down in his ear and asked quietly.