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Chaos change


“Hey, your brain is covered by shit, hurry up and pick up the equipment, the system will swallow it later, don’t say I didn’t remind you!” Nangong Haoran shouted on one side, and when he heard the word yuanji, he recovered a little bit of excitement, so he said “wait a minute” to the three men and then went to the wind and flame leopard. Seeing the equipment and gold coins scattered on the ground, yuanji’s somewhat sad mood was gradually put away. At the same time, it was also praised as a gold-level BOSS. There were more than 5000 gold coins that burst out, and there were four pieces of gold equipment and two pieces of silver. But after yuanji picked one up and looked at it, he said with a wry smile, “It’s still like this!” Because in all the gold equipment are written “two turn available” words, but the silver level of equipment is not, is it really not allowed to apply gold equipment before the second turn, but the obvious light rain is the gold level of the piano ah, or all the strange burst of gold level equipment in Paradise Lost are not allowed to equip before the second turn. Take the gold coins. I’ll take two pieces of silver and two pieces of gold. Take the rest! yuanji looked at it again and said lightly. Perhaps Nangong was also moved by Xiaomeng’s behavior before, and immediately said after yuanji, “We don’t want these thousands of gold coins,smart interactive whiteboard, we only take two pieces of gold equipment, and these thousands of gold coins should be the share of the wolf!” Then no longer stay, “the matter has been settled, then we will withdraw.”. When to summon brother, brother owes you a favor! After the dream drunk beauty with a group of his brothers flash back to the city, and yuanji picked up the four pieces of equipment on the ground and all the gold coins, and then ferociously kicked the head of the small dream and the head of his mouth to hit it to let him know why the flowers are so red three wolf dead wind flame leopard foot. With this kick, yuanji’s eyelids suddenly jumped,75 inch smart board, and then he was ecstatic, because there was a red and shining thing under the body of the dead leopard. Of course, yuanji would not doubt the eyes of the leopard at this time, because there was only one possibility for this kind of light to appear, the skill book! yuanji immediately crouched down and pulled out this red and faint thing from under the gale and flame leopard. As he expected, it was the lowest skill book, but it was definitely the most valuable skill book. According to the current situation, because now most players are starting to put money into it, because it is less than a month since HDB started currency exchange. Now it is 1 RMB for a gold coin. If this book is taken out, it will definitely be more than 100,000 gold coins. Then yuanji tried his best to search the wind and flame leopard up and down again. After making sure that there was no omission, he returned to Yixue’s side, and then said, smart board whiteboard ,digital interactive whiteboard, “Xiao Meng, it’s a blessing in disguise. Here, the skill book is out!” After hearing this, Yixue and Xiaoyu were also surprised, and then they all moved their hands to the book with red light in yuanji’s hands, only to see four words written on it-the Treasure Book of Lost Happiness! Item: Fragment of Lost Music Level: Low Level Skill Book Skill Effect: After acquiring the Lost Music Remnant Volume, all your attributes will be increased by 5 points, and the internal force of Qi and blood will be permanently increased by 30% of this level. Introduction: The book of advanced skills created by the Demon King of Lost Happiness, which can be invulnerable to bullets and invulnerable to all laws, but I don’t know why it is impossible to lose the world and become a scattered volume. Learning level: unlimited. Sure enough, it is a practical skill book. Although the effect is not very good now, it is absolutely effective in the later period. The 30% bonus of Qi and blood alone is enough to make all players jealous. Xiao Meng also saw the information of this fragmentary volume, and then laughed, “I don’t want it, or give it to my brother or sister, or sister Xiaoyu!” “Why?” yuanji asked, “If it weren’t for the three wolves, maybe we wouldn’t have succeeded at all. You also saw how miserable the final result was. If you hadn’t helped the Wolf King in the end, it’s very likely that he would have died and we couldn’t get the result of being killed in seconds. So you’d better take it!” yuanji said earnestly that it had always been the sister’s selfless giving, but he had never done even a particularly attentive thing for him, and yuanji could not help but be ashamed to think of it. It’s not that I don’t want to learn, it’s my own career that decides that I can’t learn any skill books and any foreign skills! Can only accept the skills of their own occupation after the transfer ah! Xiao Meng smiled and told the reason why he didn’t accept it. Just like mine! Xiaoyu also responded at the first time, “My profession does not allow me to learn foreign skills, or I would have taken it away just now!” Xiaoyu raised his fist. At this time, the crowd suddenly felt an object around them suddenly shining.. The ninety-first chapter of the text is the book of low-level skills. Updated: 2010-09-20 12:41:18 Words in this Chapter: 2130 “yuanji, what are you waiting for?”! Come on! Next to the dream drunk beauty shouted, “you big fool!” ” Then he led a group of brothers to rush up directly, facing the wind and flame leopard, which was beaten by the Wolf King, with thousands of swords. The gale flame leopard, which would be crippled by the Wolf King’s last return of light, was thus tortured to death, so many white lights rose, apparently a sign of upgrading, and yuanji also got 5% experience because of the formation of the team, which is now 8% of level 38, while Xiao Meng rose directly to 33% of level 34, and Yixue and Hanbing also had their own experience. But get the most experience is a small dream, no way, although they can not kill, but they can not stop their own thugs to kill monsters ah, so directly from the just upgraded level 33 instant to level 34 33%. Snow and small dream is in the monster after death ran to the edge of the small dream, snow immediately to fill the small dream of blood, but as long as the fill is immediately lost half to the three wolves,interactive panels for education, and from the previous memories of yuanji is a little lost to the small dream, see their efforts and not in vain is a small dream is showing a brilliant smile. yuanji held out a victory gesture to the coming yuanji, and yuanji showed a wry smile.