03 gennaio 2001

PADOVA Until the 29th.IV.2001 Giotto and his time Padova, various sites

Padova is really a capital city of the XIVth century. This exposition is not only an homage to Giotto, but a beautiful itinerary throughout the city and its astonishing medieval monuments.


The exposition in the Museo Civico agli Ermitani is only a starting point for this beautiful itinerary throughout Padova, which permits us to discover a city that is not so well known by tourists, but so important for its artistic treasures.
In the Museum it is possible to see many works illustrating Giotto’s time and his followers. You will be able to compare Giotto’s style to Giusto, Guariento and Altichiero’s. And then you will find lots of restored works, sculptures, frescoes, miniatures, by artists not from Padova, but very linked to the city.giotto
You can continue the visit at the Cappella degli Scrovegni, recently restored, entirely frescoed by Giotto, with histories of Christ’s Passion and Final Judgement, for Enrico Scrovegni who wanted his sins in life to be pardoned. These marvellous frescoes show Giotto’s modernity, in the geometrical conception of spaces and figures, the sacred characters seen in his human and daily aspects, and very early examples of “trompe l’oeil.
Left the Cappella the visit continues to the Cathedral’s Baptistery, the Reggia Carrarese (with works by Guariento), the Basilica del Santo, the Sala del Capitolo (with works by Giotto and his followers), and the Oratorio di San Giorgio.
In this way, the exposition wants to underline Padova’s importance in the XIVth century: the city is in facts gave hospitality to the most important artists of the time, especially thanks to the Franciscan order who first called Giotto. Vittorio Sgarbi, the editor of the catalogue, who also presented the exposition to the media, wanted to underline the importance of the axe Assisi – Rimini – Padova in XIVth century painting. ”.giottoHe stated that the “real Florence” in that century is Padova, when we talk of painting; in facts Giotto didn’t work a lot in Florence, that was his native city.
The city of Padova has prepared the exposition in every detail, and the didactic style of the display permits you to understand a lot about the works of art you see.

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English version by Simona Piselli

”Giotto e il suo tempo” from the 25th IX. 2000 to the 29th. IV. 2001
Price (for the Museum and the monuments included in the itinerary): L.15.000, reduced L.10.000.
Open from:9 a.m. to 7 p.m., closed on Monday
Information: Comune di Padova, Assessorato alla Cultura, tel.++39 049 8204501 or 049 8204547
booking on line:www.ticketone.it
the Cappella degli scrovegniPadova tourist office: tel. 049 8750655
Hotel booking: Consorzio Terme Euganee, tel. 049 8602239


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