15 febbraio 2001

TORINO The museum of Cinema in the “Mole”

Few explications but a lot of emotions… This could be a summary of a visit at the Museum of Cinema in Torino.


Inside, the Mole Antonelliana, symbol of the city, is quite imposing. You take a lift and you can reach the highest terrace. It is very exciting to be in that lift, inside the big dome of the Mole, and it is nice to see how the monument is constructed, from the inside.
From time to time the dome is enlightened with colours, and being in the lift you are in the middle of that lights.
There are three sections, dedicated to the “archaeology” of Cinema, the “mechanism” of Cinema, with examples of scenography, costumes, special effects etc., and the “Temple room”, that’s to say the whole, big room of the dome, where in two big screens you can watch at parts of beautiful films and documentaries of the past.
Visitors are guided by intuition, lights and colours, images… There are panels with explication (only in Italian), but they are few; words do not want to take you off the pleasure of letting you guide by intuition and amusement… Yes, it is a joyful and amusing museum, that’s why I advice you to go and visit it, even if you are not Italian, and you won’t be able to understand everything…
I think you are going to amuse yourself, and come back to childhood, for a bit.

Simona Piselli

Address: Mole Antonelliana, via Montebello 20
tel.: 011-8125658;
Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Biglietti: L. 12.000


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